Ramp Shot Game Rules 

Ramp Shot is an engaging outdoor game perfect for any occasion. Often compared to Cornhole on steroids, Ramp Shot is no ordinary bean bag toss. Read on to find out all the Ramp Shot Rules and instructions. 

Perfect for all ages and any outdoor picnic or festival, Ramp Shot takes the cornhole experience to a whole new level. Set-up is quick, and the rules are easy to learn. Introduce your friends and family to Ramp Shot at your next outdoor party or event. 

This Ramp Shot game rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Ramp Shot?
  • A brief history of Ramp Shot
  • What you’ll need to play Ramp Shot
  • Ramp Shot Game Rules
  • How to play Ramp Shot (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn how to play Ramp Shot.

What is Ramp Shot?

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Opposing teams of two players aim to shoot racquetballs into a ramp positioned 15’ away. Unlike Cornhole, other players get involved in making the gameplay more competitive. 

Number of Players: 4 players

Ages: All ages

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play: 20-30 minutes

Category: Outdoor games

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Main Objective: Players try to earn 15 points by working together to shoot balls into a ramp. 

Why We Love It: This competitive game is simple to learn and full for all ages! 

A Brief History of Ramp Shot

Two long-time friends came up with the idea for RampShot in 2014. The duo used their physical fitness education and entrepreneurship expertise to develop the outdoor game. Growing in popularity, you can find Ramp Shot at cookouts, parties, and tailgate events.

What You’ll Need to Play Ramp Shot

Everything you need to play is included in this boxed set. 

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The complete game box contains: 

  • 2 plastic ramps
  • 4 racquetballs
  • Extra replacement balls

Area of Play

Set up the boards about 15’ apart in an open area. You can play on grass, sand, concrete, or another flooring surface.

Players must stand across from each other, so two opponents are beside each board. 

Three players will participate in every shot.

Ramp Shot Rules

The shooter is the person who is actively throwing the ball. A player can toss the ball overhand or underhand, as long as both feet remain behind the board. 

Each ramp has a hole in the middle filled with a net. The ultimate goal is to toss your ball directly into the net earning your team 3 points. 

Even if the ball goes into the net and bounces out, you still earn 3 points. 

If your ball hits the top of the ramp and bounces off, your teammate can attempt to catch the ball. The teammate must remain behind the ramp. This move earns your team 1 point. 

Your team earns 0 points if the shot misses the board entirely. 

The Stealer

One opposing player stands beside the shooter. The stealer must position their feet in line with the edge of the ramp. 

Once the ball is thrown, the stealer can run towards the opposite ramp to try and catch the ball should it bounce back off the ramp.

 A steal is not worth points. However, the team keeps the ball, allowing them an extra shot when their turn is to shoot. There is no limit to the number of steals. 

  • The stealer cannot cross the front end of either ramp- think Monkey in the Middle
  • If the stealer forgets to move, it is called sleeping. 
  • The shooter must wait for the stealer to return to their starring position before shooting again. 

The Odd Person Out

The fourth player, the stealer’s teammate, must stand clear while the opposing team shoots. 

If they try to interfere, the opposing team is given 1 point. 

After the shooting team has tossed their balls, the opposing players swap positions and begin their turn. After a team’s balls are used, players switch turns again. 

How to Keep Score in Ramp Shot

The shooting team earns points for making a shot or catching a shot. 

  1. Make a shot into the net: 3 points
  2. Catch a rebound shot: 1 point
  3. Bystander teammate interferes: 1 point

The first team to score exactly 15 points without going over wins!

If you score over 15 points, your score remains the same, and you lose a turn. 

How to Play Ramp Shot – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you set up a Ramp Shot? 

Place the ramps about 15’ apart in an open playing space. Each team begins with 2 balls of the same color. 

How many points is Ramp Shot played to? 

Gameplay continues until one team reaches exactly 15 points and wins the game. 

What does the odd person out do in Ramp Shot? 

The odd person out does nothing during the opponent’s turn. The other team can earn points if this player interferes.

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