29 Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

This Valentine’s Day trivia is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge on all things romantic or for couples to play together this February!

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for couples who want to celebrate their romance, love, and intimacy in various ways; it could be with a special meal, personal gift, vacation, or by playing this Valentine’s Day trivia together!

We all have some idea of what Valentine’s Day means, but how much do we all know about it?

This Valentine’s Day trivia will also teach you some interesting things about this lovely day!

Ready to play?

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General Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

General Valentine's Day Trivia image

Welcome to the first round of this Valentine’s Day trivia!

Here you will find 15 questions about this romantic day; there are varying difficulty levels and a range of topics included, such as history, customs, facts, and statistics

While you may know that the rose is the most popular flower to gift, do you know where the world’s first Valentine’s was written from? Or, how many greeting cards are exchanged each year?

This is the Valentine’s Day round that’ll really test your knowledge!

Let’s go!

1: In Greek Mythology, who is the God of love?
2: On what date in February is Valentine's Day?
3: Which member of the British Royal Family declared Valentine's Day a holiday in 1537?
King Henry VIII.
4: According to the National Retail Federation, how much money did Valentine's Day spending reach in the US in 2022?
$23.9 billion.
5: What is the following line after 'Roses are red'?
Violet's are blue.
6: If you're given a yellow rose, what is this said to symbolize?
Friendship (ouch!)
7: What brain chemical is known as the 'love hormone'?
8: People in which profession receives the most Valentine's Day cards?
9: Which American State produces the most red roses in time for Valentine's Day?
10: According to IMDB, what is the #1 romantic movie?
11: Which candy company invented the box of chocolates?
12: What is the semi-nude cherub known as who appears on many Valentine's Day cards and gifts?
13: According to a Hallmark survey, how many greeting cards are exchanged for Valentine's Day annually in the US?
145 million.
14: In what kind of establishment was the world's first Valentine written?
15: In what decade were the first mass-produced Valentine's Day cards produced in the US?

History of Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

History of Valentine's Day Trivia image

In this Valentine’s Day trivia round, we’ll look at how this holiday began and how it has evolved over the years. 

We will also explore some monumental moments along the way!

Learn how and why St. Valentine helped couples defy the laws of Emperor Claudius and why Valentine’s Day 2015 is significant in American history

Ready to touch up on your history knowledge? This is the Valentine’s trivia round to do just that!

Here we go!

1: The oldest known Valentine still in existence today was a poem written in which year?
2: Which Pope declared February 14 Valentine's Day?
Pope Gelasius.
3: Which ancient Roman festival coincides with February 14?
Lupercalia (a fertility festival).
4: One theory is that St. Valentine defied the laws of Emperor Claudius II, who forbade marriages for young men, and he married couples in secret. What was the idea behind the law?
Single men made better soldiers!
5: On February 14 of what year did Arizona officially achieve statehood?
6: How many different Saints named Valentine or Valentinus are recognized by the Catholic church?
7: What makes Valentine's Day 2015 a monumental day in the US?
It was the first Valentine's Day that same-sex marriages could go ahead in all 50 States.

Stats About Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

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Who doesn’t love to know a stat or two to throw around at the next gathering? Personally, I love stats! They’re excellent ice-breakers and conversation fillers, or they could even be the inspiration for your Valentine’s Day greeting card!

Find some amazing Valentine’s Day-related stats that you’ll love sharing in this section. 

Can you guess which gender spends the most on their Valentine? Or, what percentage of Valentine’s Day shopping is done entirely online?

How much do we spend on jewelry, and what percentage of us are buying Valentine’s gifts for our pets?!

Find this out and more as we play round 3 of this Valentine’s trivia!

1: According to The National Retail Federation, what percentage of shoppers bought gifts for their pets for Valentine's Day, 2020?
2: How much (in dollars) is spent on chocolate for Valentine's Day in the US?
Over $1 Billion.
3: Men spend, on average, $291 on Valentine's Day in the US. How much do women spend?
4: What percentage of Americans shop for their Valentine entirely online?
5: According to Statista, how much were Americans predicted to spend on jewelry for Valentine's Day 2022?
$6 Billion.
6: Finder discovered that what percentage of Gen Zers said they would buy gifts for more than one romantic partner for Valentine's?
7: What percentage of Valentine's cards are purchased by women?

More Valentine’s Day Trivia Fun – Video 

Roses are red; violets are blue; I hoped you enjoyed this Valentine’s trivia, here’s some more to do:

Thank you for playing this Valentine’s Day trivia. See you again soon for more trivia fun!

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