43 Back to The Future Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you consider yourself a true fan of Back to the Future? Take on this ultimate Back to the Future trivia to time travel through the fantastic franchise, remember some awesome moments, and test how well you really know the show!

Released in 1985, Back to the Future kicked off one of the best trilogy series to have ever been created!

If you agree with me and you consider yourself a Back to the Future fan, you’re in the right place to showcase this knowledge. 

I have created an assortment of Back to the Future trivia questions and answers to separate the Biffs from the Docs!

From super-easy to more challenging, and without further fuss, let’s begin this Back to the Future trivia!

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General Back to The Future Trivia Questions and Answers

General Back to The Future Image

The first Back to The Future movie was released in 1985 and quickly became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, as well as the highest-grossing movie of its year. 

Back to The Future kickstarted one of the most successful franchises in Universal’s history, including a musical, animated TV series, theme park rides, and tons of merchandise. 

But what made it so well received? And, can original fans remember that much about this nearly 40-year-old movie?!

Let’s find out as we begin our journey back in time with round 1 of this Back to the Future Trivia!

1: What genre is this movie series?
Science fiction.
2: Which actor plays Marty Mcfly?
Michael J. Fox.
3: Which type of car is converted into a time machine?
4: What was the name of Marty's band?
The Pinheads.
5: What was Emmett 'Doc' Brown's occupation?
6: What year does Marty Mcfly travel to in the first movie?
7: How many times was the project rejected by various studios?
8: Where did teenage Marty live in 1985?
Hill Valley, California.
9: What speed did the Delorean need to reach to start time travel?
88 miles per hour.
10: Which actor played Doc?
Christopher Lloyd.
11: Which bond movie was released a month before Back to The Future?
A View to a Kill.
12: What character was named Einstein?
Doc Brown’s dog.
13: When Marty first travels back in time, he arrives at a farm. What is the name of the owner of this farm?
Old Man Peabody.
14: How many seasons of Back to The Future, the TV series, were released?

First Back to The Future Trivia Questions and Answers

First Back to The Future Image

The first Back to The Future movie beat films like James Bond: A Time to Kill, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and The Goonies to become the highest-grossing movie of 1985

This movie quickly became a global success and led to back-to-back productions of a second and third film. 

However, it was the first film that was the most successful, and this is the one we will concentrate on in this Back to The Future trivia round!

Good luck!

1: Can you name the director of this movie?
Robert Zemeckis.
2: Who falls in love with Marty when he arrived in 1955?
His mom, Lorraine.
3: How does Marty accidentally alter the future?
Prevents a car accident.
4: How does question 4 impact the future?
It stops his parents from meeting how they originally did.
5: At his parents' school dance, what song does Marty sing?
Johnny B. Goode.
6: What is the name of Marty's girlfriend?
Jennifer Parker.
7: What was Marty mistaken for when he arrived in 1955?
A visitor from outer space.
8: Which musician performed the guitar riff that Marty uses to wake George?
Eddie Van Halen.

Second Back to The Future Trivia Questions and Answers

Second Back to The Future Image

Known as Back to The Future Part ll, the second movie continues Marty, Jennifer, and Doc’s time-traveling adventures, but this time, to the future. 

In this movie, we see time travel forwards, backwards, and way back to the 1800s, but poor Marty again finds himself stranded in 1955

While this movie didn’t do as well at the box office as the original, it has a strong following to this day and created some of the best scenes (I believe) of the whole trilogy. 

How much Back to The Future trivia do you know about Part II?

Let’s find out!

1: What year was Back to The Future Part II released?
2: What year in the future do Marty, Jennifer, and Doc arrive?
3: Which actress plays Jennifer Parker in this movie?
Elizabeth Shue.
4: When did Michael J. Fox realize this movie was going to be made?
When watching the original on VHS and seeing 'To be continued' at the end.
5: Who did Marty have to pose to prevent them from being incarcerated?
His son.
6: Kicking things off, where does Doc unexpectedly arrive in the DeLorean time machine?
Marty's front yard.
7: Marty purchases an almanac that contains the results of major sporting effects between 1950 to which year?

Third Back to The Future Trivia Questions and Answers

Third Back to The Future Image

Back to the Future Part III takes us back to 1885, where Doc is trapped and gets shot by the outlaw known as Mad Dog

Marty travels back to save Doc and bring him back to the future, but things aren’t that straightforward for him! 

Arriving in the middle of a battle between American Indians and The US Cavalry, Marty has to wait to begin his rescue mission – which doesn’t go down well with a now love-struck Doc!

Adventures, mishaps, and humorous lines – in equal measures – this movie is certainly worthy of its own Back to The Future trivia round.

Let’s travel back!

1: What year was this final installment released?
2: Who is Biff's great-grandfather in this movie?
Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen.
3: Doc complicates the rescue by Marty due to falling in love. What is the name of his beloved?
Clara Clayton.
4: What animal chases Marty before he finds refuge in the home of his great-great-grandparents?
5: Whose idea was it to set this movie in old western times?
Michael J. Fox.
6: How old was Hill Valley in 1885?
20 years.
7: Which actor won the Best Supporting Actor award for Back to the Future Part III?
Thomas F. Wilson.

Ultimate Back to The Future Trivia Questions and Answers

Ultimate Back to The Future Image

How well have you done so far with this Back to The Future trivia?

If you’re traveling through at lightning speed, this trivia round may provide some obstacles before you reach the final destination

With questions about all movies, media, and on and off-screen trivia, this is the ultimate Back to The Future trivia round full of fun facts!

Buckle up!

1: Bob Gale based the idea for the first movie when he discovered what in his parent's basement?
His dad's old school yearbook.
2: What did studio executive Sid Sheinberg ask for the title to be changed to?
Spaceman From Pluto.
3: Who wrote director and writer Robert Zemeckis a letter which read 'Thanks for continuing my dream in such a positive fashion' after the release of Back to The Future?
The CEO of the DeLorean car company, John DeLorean.
4: Which Lord of The Rings actor made their film debut in this movie (as an extra!)
Elijah Wood.
5: In early draft form, what was the time machine vessel?
A refrigerator.
6: Which member of the British royal family attended the London premiere of Back to the Future Part II in 1985?
Princess Diana.
7: Which actor was originally hired to play Marty before being replaced by Michael J. Fox?
Eric Stoltz.

More Back to The Future Trivia – Video 

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Thank you for playing this Back to The Future trivia; I hope you liked playing it as much as I liked creating it!

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