43 Brady Bunch Trivia Questions and Answers

So, here’s the story…of a lovely trivia; The Brady Bunch Trivia! 

If you fancy a walk down memory lane or want to see how much you’ve remembered from this iconic American TV show, then our Brady Bunch trivia is the perfect quiz to take! 

Do you know it’s more than a hunch and that you’re going to smash this trivia?

Let’s find out! 

Let’s go!

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General Brady Bunch Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Brady Bunch Trivia Image

The Brady Bunch wasn’t launched easily and was originally turned down by a number of networks. 

Those who were interested wanted changes, and some compromises had to be made – such as ensuring Carol Brady was not a divorcee on primetime TV! 

Creator and writer Sherwood Schwartz neutered this brand new series and ensured it appeared on screens pretty much as he envisioned it. 

Thank heavens! 

So, what stuck with you? Let’s find out in our general Brady Bunch trivia section! 

1: In what year did The Brady Bunch hit our screens?
2: What was noticeably absent from the show, given the current affairs of the time?
Any political commentary, including mentions of the Vietnam war.
3: Which character died in a road traffic accident during season 1, requiring a replacement that never really worked out?
Tiger, the dog.
4: In what year did an actor of the show first receive an award nomination?
1989; Barry Williams, for Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award.
5: How many squares were shown during the intro of the show?
6: Neighbor, Ken Berry, was the adoptive father of three boys. How were the children diverse?
One was white, one Asian, and one of color.
7: In what year did the series become available on DVD?
8: What year was the final airing of the final episode of The Brady Bunch? (Bonus point if you get the date!)
March 8, 1974.

Brady Bunch Cast & Characters Trivia Questions and Answers 

Brady Bunch Cast & Characters Trivia Image

The cast of the Brady Bunch was like nothing else on TV at the time; bringing blended American families together under one roof, in relative harmony, was brand new to our screens. 

We got to see the trials and tribulations of step-parenting, step-siblings, and true love overcoming the odds, with much laughter along the way. 

Today, the Brady Bunch is still a term used within American homes, but what do we love so much about these characters? 

And, how much have you remembered?

Ready to find out?

Let’s play!

1: How many members of the Brady family were there?
2: Which character worked as an architect?
Mike Brady.
3: What type of pet was Tiger?
4: Davy Jones, from The Monkees, took which character to a dance?
Marcia Brady.
5: During the last season, where did Greg Brady live?
The attic.
6: Which character did Florence Henderson play?
Carol Brady.
7: Who was Daniel Alan Martin?
Carol Brady's first husband.
8: What was the name of Alice's boyfriend?
Sam Franklin.
9: Who created The Brady Bunch?
Sherwood Schwartz.
10: How was Alice Nelson included in the family?
The live-in housekeeper of Mike Brady.

Brady Bunch Quotes Trivia Questions and Answers 

Brady Bunch Quotes Trivia Image

The Brady Bunch wasn’t an award-winning series and rarely even makes it into top-10 lists, but we loved it! 

Today, it’s one of the most memorable shows to look back on with fondness, nostalgia, and maybe even rose-tinted glasses. 

However, some things about the show are more memorable than others. 

This section will look at who said what and hopefully provoke some great memories for our more mature audience. 

Ready to give this a go?

1: Which character uttered the catchphrase 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!'?
Jan Brady.
2: Who said: 'If there's anything I can't stand, it's a perfect kid. And six of 'em, yecch!'?
Alice Nelson.
3: Despite becoming a blending family, what did Carol Brady say were the only steps in her home?
The ones that led upstairs.
4: 'From now on, I'm beautiful and noble; I'm Juliet!' was said by which character?
Marcia Brady.
5: Which Brady child said the line: 'Why did I have to be born so young?'
Cindy Brady.
6: 'Well, I guess women are okay for some things, was mischievously said by which Brady male?

Brady Bunch Seasons and Episodes Trivia Questions and Answers

Brady Bunch Seasons and Episodes Trivia Image

Although not as appreciated as they should have been at the time, The Brady Bunch seasons and episodes are much loved today. 

Millennials were the first to really latch on to the show and bring it into modern-day homes, deservingly adoring the program like it always should have been! 

With a steady following during the 2000s, The Brady Bunch finally has the huge viewing figures it always should have done. 

So, if you’re a newcomer to the show, or you were here from the beginning, this section of our trivia should be great fun to play. 

In this part, we will take a look back at the original showings of the Bradys. 

Good luck! 

1: During the musical episode, which member of the Brady family was asked to lip-sync instead of sing?
Peter Brady AKA Christopher Knight.
2: Which season had the least amount of episodes, with 22?
3: What month did each season premiere?
4: How many episodes in total have there been of The Brady Bunch?
5: Apart from season 2, which aired at 7:30 pm, what time did every other season air for its Friday night viewing?
8 pm.

Brady Bunch Fun Facts Trivia Questions and Answers 

Brady Bunch Fun Facts Trivia Image

We all saw what went on in front of the camera, but how much do you know about what went on behind the scenes?

This section of our Brady Bunch trivia is where you’ll learn all the juicy gossip of the day. 

Some things have remained secret for decades! Shhhh! 

(This section may require some guesswork!)

Ready to begin? 

Let’s play!

1: Which American actor was initially cast to play Mike Brady?
Gene Hackman.
2: With ratings plummeting, which character was introduced in an attempt to save a series from cancellation?
Carol Brady's nephew, 'Cousin Oliver.'
3: How many children were interviewed for Brady children roles?
4: Which well-loved star lived his life as a closeted homosexual, according to his co-stars who didn't reveal his secret until after his passing?
Robert Reed AKA Mike Brady.
5: Who was adamant about doing their own stunts on the show, resulting in injury and even a short disappearance during shooting?
Barry Williams AKA Greg Brady.
6: Which actor actually had strawberry blond hair but had to have it dyed to fit in with the aesthetics of the show?
Mike Lookinland AKA Bobby Brady.
7: Which actor would often argue with the writers and producers about the script before ultimately refusing to reappear for season 6 - which ended up never being recorded anyway?
Robert Reed.

Brady Bunch House Trivia Questions and Answers 

Brady Bunch House Trivia Image

The Brady house was a happy one and one that we’ve seen on TV in other classic shows as movies (including Mission Impossible and The X-Files). 

Contrary to many TV shows, the house truly did exist and was chosen by the show’s creator specifically because it looked like somewhere an architect would live. 

But, what did the house bring to the show? 

And, how much attention were you paying?

Let’s find out in the last section of our Brady Bunch trivia!

1: In what year was the house built?
2: What was never shown inside the home?
A toilet.
3: What was the address of the home on the show?
4222, Clinton Way.
4: What was unusual about the well-shown sliding glass door in the Brady home?
It didn't have any glass in it.
5: The house last went on the market in 2018. What was the asking price?
$1.885 million.
6: Where in Los Angeles is the house located?
San Fernando Valley.
7: What did the owners of the house refuse to allow Paramount to do for the 1995 Brady Bunch movie?
Restore the exterior to its 1969 look, which meant a false exterior was put up around the building for the movie.

More Brady Bunch Trivia – Video

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