47 Couples Trivia Questions

Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship or many years into the relationship, these couples’ trivia questions will put your connection to the test.

Playing games with your significant other is an excellent way to strengthen a bond and discover things you never knew about your partner.

So, as games have proven to improve your love life, these couples’ trivia questions are the perfect place to start. 

For instance, do you know your partner’s childhood secrets or their mother’s middle name?

Let’s put your relationship to the test. 

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General Couples Trivia Questions

General Couples Trivia

In the first round of our general couples trivia challenge, we will cover your general companionship and see how much you know about each other’s lives

There’s a completely mixed selection of questions here, so get ready to put your partnership to the test.

I hope you know each other as well as I think you do!

Let’s get started. 

Question 1: Where in the world would your partner like to visit if money was no limit?

Question 2: What is your partner’s worst habit?

Question 3: If your partner had to get a dog or a cat, which would they pick?

Question 4: What is your partners’ favorite food?

Question 5: Name a secret from your partner’s childhood that they never told their parents.

Question 6: What is your partner’s worst fear?

Question 7: What is your partner’s most favorable memory of you?

Question 8: What is your partner’s biggest regret?

Question 9: What’s your partner’s least favorite household chore?

Question 10: Does your partner believe in the afterlife?

Question 11: What is your partner’s longest relationship?

Question 12: What comforts your partner the most?

Question 13: How long did it take for your partner to fall in love with you?

Question 14: How many times has your partner been in love?

Question 15: When do you find your partner the most attractive?

Question 16: What is your partner’s all-time favorite TV show?

Question 17: Does your partner prefer tea or coffee?

Question 18: Has your partner ever smoked?

Question 19: What is your partner’s biggest talent?

Question 20: What color underwear is your partner wearing right now?

Couples Family Trivia Questions

Couples Family Trivia

In the next round, we will see how well you and your partner know each other’s loved ones and families.

This could be a little tricky if you’ve only just started dating, of course, so hopefully, you’ve been listening carefully during those deep and meaningful conversations

Let’s dig deeper into family values.

Question 1: How many siblings does your partner have, if any?

Question 2: What is your partner’s favorite family tradition?

Question 3: What is the biggest thing your partner has learned from his family?

Question 4: What is your partner’s father’s primary job?

Question 5: Did your partner have any pets when growing up?

Question 6: What is your partner’s favorite dish cooked by either of their parents 

Funny Couples Questions

Funny Couples Questions

It’s time to bring some laughter into your relationship with the next round of our couples trivia questions because these will have you in a fit of giggles. 

Let’s see what your partner knows about you that you thought you kept hidden behind closed doors, and let’s find out what you really sound like when you are sleeping.

Feeling bashful? Nervous?

Great, that’s just what we’re aiming for.

Let’s discover more.

Question 1: If your partner had a superpower, what would they choose?

Question 2: What’s the funniest thing your partner has ever done while sleeping?

Question 3: Have you ever heard your partner break the wind?

Question 4: If your partner had to be a famous person of the opposite sex, who would they be?

Question 5: Who is your partner’s cartoon crush?

Question 6: What is the best impression of an animal your partner can do?

Question 7: What’s the most embarrassing thing your partner ever did in public?

Question 8: What was your partner’s childhood nickname?

Ask Away Couples Trivia Questions

Ask Away Couples Trivia

For the final round, we’re going to turn things around a little, and instead, you will ask your partner the questions. Think of it like truth or dare situation, without the dare.

Unless, of course, you want to spice things up even further. 

This is your chance to find out everything you want to know or ever wondered about your partner. You might even discover some of their deepest, darkest secrets and desires.

Ask away!

Question 1: What is your biggest fantasy in the bedroom?

Question 2: What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Question 3: If you could sleep with any celebrity, who would it be?

Question 4: Have you ever, or would you ever, invite a third person to the bedroom?

Question 5: What is your worst habit that you try to hide?

Question 6: What is your favorite feature of my body?

Question 7: If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

Would You Rather Couples Trivia Questions

Would You Rather Couples Trivia

In the final round of our couples trivia questionnaire, you will see what your partner would do given the choice. 

In this section, you can learn much about your partner’s morals and preferences and discover who they really are. 

So, are you ready to face your partner with a mix of dilemmas they must answer?

Let’s uncover more. 

Question 1: Would you rather have the power to be invisible or go back in time?

Question 2: Would you rather share a bed with Elton John or lick Tom Jone’s toes?

Question 3: Would you rather send an accidental raunchy text to your parents or accidentally send your boss an email talking behind their back?

Question 4: Would you rather show your partner your phone messages or internet search history?

Question 5: Would you rather break wind loudly on your first date or accidentally walk in on their father in the shower?

Question 6: Would you rather have your partner’s name tattooed on you or have them get a tattoo of your portrait on them?

More Couples Trivia – Video Quiz

We’re glad you opted to take our couple’s questions and answers today, and hopefully, your bond is now even stronger. If you want more fun quizzes like these, below are some suggestions. 

Thanks for taking part, and we hope you’ve had an excellent time playing our couple’s trivia; now you know each other better than ever. 

If you want to continue date night, why not try our would you rather questions for couples (including spicy!) for some added fun.

And hopefully, that’s a positive thing!

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