Clue Harry Potter (Rules and Instructions)

Have you ever wanted to explore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Now is your chance! Help solve what happened to the missing student in the school by learning these Clue Harry Potter rules.

Harry Potter Clue, by USAopoly, is a version of the original Clue game (see Clue game rules) with a magical twist! Play as the well-known students from the Harry Potter series to help Dumbledore figure out Who was involved, What spell or item was used, and Where the incident occurred.

Roll the dice and move your pawn, but watch out for the appearance of the Dark Mark symbol, which can cause unfortunate consequences throughout gameplay.

Collect as many Help cards as you can to prevent these consequences from happening and to help solve the mystery of the missing student!

Fans of the original Clue game or the famous Harry Potter series alike should enjoy the thematic gameplay. See if Clue Harry Potter is up your “Diagon Alley” by learning how to play below!

What is Clue Harry Potter?

Clue Harry Potter Board Game Info Image

Clue Harry Potter is a family-friendly competitive game where players take on the roles of the well-known students in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to solve the mystery of the missing student.

Number of players: 3-5 Players

Ages: 9+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of play: 30-45min

Category: Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Strategy, Dice Rolling, Deduction

Similar to: Chronicles of Crime, 13 Dead End Drive, Love Letter, Coup

Main Objective: Solve the mystery of the missing student in Hogwarts by picking up Help cards and using simple logic and deduction.

Why We Love It: Clue Harry Potter brings us back to the original Clue game with some new twists and turns to make the game a bit more intriguing and mysterious!

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What You’ll Need to Play Clue Harry Potter

Everything you need to play Clue Harry Potter can be found in the box:

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The following components are found in each game box:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 6 Student Cards
  • 6 Colored Movers
  • 33 Help Cards
  • 33 Dark Cards
  • 21 Mystery Cards
  • 1 Notepad
  • 40 House Point Tokens
  • 6 Suspect Tokens
  • 6 Item Tokens
  • 1 Secret Envelope
  • 2 Standard Dice (6-Sided)
  • 1 Hogwarts Die (6-Sided)
  • 4 Wheels
  • 4 Plastic Rivets
  • 1 Label Sheet
  • 1 Instruction Guide

Clue Harry Potter Rules

Game Setup

If this is your first time opening the box, you will be instructed to do some minor setup to the board game, such as punching out tokens, placing labels on dice, and adding the spinning wheels to each corner of the board game.

Once this has been completed, follow these steps for game setup:

  1. Lay the board game flat on your play area and make sure the wheels on each corner under the board are set up properly and that each wheel is positioned with the word “START” being visible.
  2. Separate the Dark Deck and Help Cards and shuffle each deck. Place them face down in reach of all players. 
  3. Provide each player with the following:
  • A sheet from the notepad
  • Writing utensil
  • 1 Help Card (this will remain face up in front of each player)
  • House Point tokens (HP) in the following amount depending on the number of players:
    • 3 Players: 60 HP
    • 4 Players: 70 HP
    • 5 Players: 80 HP
  1. Shuffle the 6 Student cards and randomly reveal one for all players to see. This will be the student who is missing! Put this student card aside; players cannot choose this character to play with.

After this has been completed, each player chooses a student card and mover to play with throughout the game. Then, each player places their colored pawn on the matching colored starting space labeled on the game board.

  1. Separate the Mystery cards by category: Suspects, Items, and Rooms. Then, shuffle each set separately and remove one from each category and place it into the Secret Envelope. The removed cards should be kept secret and revealed to no one!
  2. Take the remaining Mystery cards and shuffle them together. Deal them out to each player, face down, until all players have an equal amount of cards in their possession. Any remainders will be placed face down in Dumbledore’s office.
  3. Each player secretly looks at the Mystery cards in their hand and checks off each card on their notepad sheet. Be sure to keep your notepad hidden from players at all times!
  4. Take all of the Item Tokens and Suspect Tokens and place them in piles within reach of all players.
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How to Play Clue Harry Potter

On your turn, you will perform the following actions in order:

1. Roll All Three Dice

Roll the 2 six-sided movement dice, and the Hogwarts die.

2. Check the Hogwarts Die

The Hogwarts die has multiple faces that require you to perform specific actions, depending on what is rolled:

House Crest symbols: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff

If you roll one of the House Crest symbols, you must turn that specific House’s wheel clockwise one notch. Turning this wheel usually changes the Secret Passage for that room, but you may also reveal a Dark Mark!

If you reveal a Dark Mark on the wheel, you must draw a card from the Dark Deck! Read this card aloud and perform its actions unless you can prevent them with a Help card in your possession.

NOTE: On the top of each Dark card, it will state who in particular this card will affect. It is not always intended for the player who picked up the card!

Help Card symbol (star)

If you roll the Help Card symbol, draw a Help card and place it face up in front of you. These cards will remain in your possession for the remainder of the game.

Dark Mark Image

Dark Mark symbol

If you roll the Dark Mark symbol, draw a card from the Dark Deck and read it aloud for all players to hear. 

If you have a Help card that can protect you from it’s dangers, reveal that card to all players. You are safe from this card’s negative effects and can discard that Dark card.

Once you use a Help card, you may place it back in front of you!

If you do not have the specific Help card needed to protect you, you must pay the amount of HP (House Points) depicted on the Dark card. These HP will be discarded in a pile near the game board.

NOTE: If you lose all of your HP, you are out of the game! Place all of the cards in your possession face up for all players to see and check off in their notepad.

3. Move or Take a Secret Passage

You may move a number of spaces equal to the amount you rolled on the 2 regular six-sided dice, OR you may take a Secret Passage if you are already located in a room that contains one.

However, there are some rules for movement:

  • You do not need to use all of the movement you rolled for.
  • You cannot move diagonally.
  • If you land on a Help card symbol (star), you must stop your movement and pick up a Help card and place it face up in front of you. Your turn is now over!
  • You may move through a space that is occupied by another player, but you cannot end your movement on their space.
  • When you enter a room, movement stops immediately!
  • If you start your turn in a room, you cannot leave and re-enter that room on the same turn.
  • You cannot enter a room through a closed door unless you have the “Alohomora” Help card.

4. Make a Suggestion

Once you enter a room (other than Dumbledore’s office), you may make a suggestion as to who you think the suspect is, what item/spell was used, and if it was done in the current room, you are located in.

Starting with the player on your left, if they have any Mystery Cards in their possession that you mentioned, they must reveal one to you, secretly.

If they have more than one of the cards mentioned, they decide which one to show you. Then, check this card off in your notepad!

If the first player to your left has no cards to show you, it passes to the next player and so on. Once someone reveals a card to you, or if all players pass without showing a card, your turn is now over.

Visiting Dumbledore’s Office

There are only two reasons to visit Dumbledore’s office:

  • Look at any face-down cards that may be located there and check them off in your notepad.
  • Make an Accusation. You must announce aloud Who the suspect is, What item/spell was used, and Where the incident took place.

Once your accusation is made, you must secretly look at the cards hidden in the secret envelope to see if you were correct. If you were correct, reveal the secret cards to all players – you have won the game!

If you look at the cards in the envelope and discover your accusation was incorrect, you are immediately out of the game and cannot share the revealed information with other players!

However, hold onto your Mystery Cards! Even though you are technically no longer in the game, you may still show your cards to other players when they make a suggestion!

How to Win Clue Harry Potter

In order to win Clue Harry Potter, you must use the power of deduction to properly accuse the suspect, the item/spell that was used, and the location where the incident took place. 

Once you are positive you have the correct answer, you need to move into Dumbledore’s office and provide your accusation aloud so all players can hear. Then, open the secret envelope and secretly look at the 3 cards hidden inside. 

If you were correct, reveal the secret cards to all players proving that you won the game!

If you were incorrect, you are out of the game! DO NOT show or discuss the secret cards with other players.

Clue Harry Potter Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Clue Harry Potter with only 2 Players?

Technically, yes, but it would take longer and be more complicated to play!

Which students can you play as in Clue Harry Potter?

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, and Luna Lovegood.

Can you gain House Points throughout the game?

No, House Points are only obtained at the start of the game. Pick up Help cards along the way to ensure you do not run out of HP!

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