35 July Trivia Questions and Answers 

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time over the long Summer break, my July trivia is the perfect chance to learn some super cool facts about this calendar month and test the knowledge you already have on a whole host of subjects! 

History, geography, celebrity, I have it all. 

July is a special month for many reasons, and while you may not appreciate this right now, I am confident that by the time you’ve passed even the first round of this July trivia, you’ll have already changed your mind! 

Ready to have some fun?

Let’s go! 

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General July Trivia Questions and Answers

General July Trivia Image

I have started my July trivia with a large general knowledge round, which is suitable for players of all abilities and ages, or teams – thanks to the reveal the answer button, nobody has an advantage.

It would be an idea, however, to keep track of scores – if playing in teams – to see who is the winner of my July trivia at the end of the challenge. 

For round 1, I have devised a range of July-related questions, including interesting facts, historical events, and July celebrations

Ready to start?

Let’s go!

1: How many days are there in July?
2: What is the birthstone of this month?
3: If you were born before July 22, what star sign would you be?
4: In Catholic tradition, what is July the month of?
The Most Precious Blood of Jesus.
5: In the US, what food do we celebrate all month long in July?
Hotdogs (it is national Hotdog month).
6: July is the 7th month, but what month was it in the Roman calendar?
7: What are the long hot days of July often called?
Dog days.
8: On what date in July do we celebrate independence day?
9: What is July's full moon otherwise known as?
The Buck Moon.
10: According to folklore, what should you never do with a July sky?
Trust it.
11: A vaccine for what disease was first given to a patient in July 1885?
12: True or False: On July 6, we celebrate National Fried Chicken Day.

Historical Events in July Trivia Questions and Answers

Historical Events in July Image

July is a month that is absolutely full of anniversaries for major historical events that happened in the United States and worldwide. 

While you may know all about July 4, do you know what happened for the very last time on July 6? Or, what happened for the very first time on the 24th? 

Are you aware that a whole sector wasn’t paid on July 21, 1931, due to a US city completely running out of money?

Find out the answers to this and so much more in this July trivia round. 

Although, if you were paying attention in History class, this section will be a breeze…

1: Who obtained their 2nd no.1 hit with 'I Want You, I Need You, I Love You on July 28, 1965?
Elvis Presley.
2: On July 24 of what year did Lance Armstrong Win 7th Tour De France?
3: What country won the world cup on July 30, 1966?
4: What was printed on all paper money, as instructed by President Eisenhower, on July 11, 1955?
'In God We Trust.'
5: What was officially announced on July 7, 2005?
Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
6: What type of transport ended, after 100 years of use, in London on July 6, 1952?
7: What ended in the UK on July 4, 1954?
Food rationing.
8: Which professionals in Chicago were not paid their salary on July 21, 1931, due to the city running out of money?
9: What type of clothing was unveiled by French designer Louis Reard on July 5, 1946?
The bikini.
10: Riots began in which Michigan city on July 23, 1967?
11: What was installed for the first time in the US in Oklahoma City on July 19, 1935?
The first parking meter.

Celebrations and Events in July Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebrations and Events in July Image

As well as marking the midway point of the year, July also has many other special days, celebrations, and events; I wonder how many you can think of right now?

In addition to the biggest patriotic party of the year, July is the favored month to take vacations because it is the warmest season – in the Northern Hemisphere. 

So we celebrate independence, and we go on vacation, but how else can we spend a day in July?

Let’s find out in this short July trivia round! 

1: In the US, July is the national month for which type of furry fruit?
2: During the last week of July, it is the week to celebrate which insect?
The moth.
3: On what date is Canada Day?
July 1.
4: Cheyenne Frontier Days is a 10-day annual festival held in Cheyenne. This event is the largest of its kind in the world; what is it?
Outdoor rodeo.
5: Why is July 6 particularly romantic around the world?
It's International Kissing Day!

Famous July Birthdays Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous July Birthdays Image

In the 4th round of myJuly trivia, we will look at various celebrities who celebrate Birthdays in July! 

The celebrities may be singers, musicians, or actors, and they may be modern, greats of yesteryear, dead, or alive! But one thing runs through, they will be celebrities, and they will be July-born!

Let’s see how much you know about the world of celebrities. 

Happy July Birthday to the following people…

1: Born July 21, 1951, this hilarious yet tragic actor, was superbly versatile and starred in some of the greatest movies to date, including Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, and Jumanji!
Robin Williams.
2: She's real, she's from the block, and she was born July 24, 1969.
Jennifer Lopez.
3: Born in Syracuse, NY, on July 3, 1962, this actor will go down in history as being one of the highest-grossing box office stars of all time. Impossible mission?
Tom Cruise.
4: This actress became one of the highest-paid stars due to her role in Suicide Squad. She was born July 2, 1990, in Dalby, Australia.
Margot Robbie.
5: Which freedom fighter was born July 18, 1918, in Mvezo, South Africa?
Nelson Mandela.
6: Regarded as the 'American Cultural Icon,' which July-born actor has appeared in major blockbusters such as BIG and Forrest Gump?
Tom Hanks.
7: At 5-feet 4-inches, this Philadelphia-born comedic actor has done stand-up and huge movies, as well as founding a charity that helps young people access educational opportunities.
Kevin Hart.

More July Trivia – Video

Welcome to the end of this July trivia; if you’re looking for another fun challenge, here are some you may enjoy:

Thank you for playing this July trivia. I hope you had some fun or maybe even learned a few new things about this calendar month. Hopefully, see you again soon, and don’t forget that trivia are updated regularly here, so keep an eye out!

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