Five Crowns Rules, Scoring and How to Play

Five Crowns is based on the classic principles of all Rummy games with one difference – it uses five suits rather than four. These Five Crowns rules explain the game in detail.

Five Crowns revolves around forming sets and runs of cards over 11 rounds. As such, the game is similar to Conquian (see Conquian rules) or Rummy 500 (see Rummy 500 rules).

By adding the fifth card suit, though, the game makes scoring points easier, making Five Crowns much more suitable for younger or inexperienced players. 

Key highlights of this Five Crowns rules guide:

  • What is Five Crowns?
  • Five Crowns rules
  • Five Crowns scoring 
  • Five Crowns rules in pictures
  • How to Play Five Crowns (Video tutorial)

Read on for detailed instructions on how to play Five Crowns.

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What is Five Crowns?

Five Crowns Card Game Info Image

Five Crowns is one of the many variations of ‘Rummy’ with a unique rule or two. Its players aim to earn the lowest possible score, discarding their cards in sets and runs.

Number of Players: 2 – 7 

Ages: 8+

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Length of Play: 45 minutes

Type of Game: Rummy-type card game

Similar to: Rummy 500ConquianGin Rummy

Main Objective: Have the lowest number of points after completing the final round.

Our Take: Five Crowns provides a simplified spin on the classic game of Rummy. It doesn’t take too long to play and easily entertains even younger participants.

What You’ll Need to Play Five Crowns

Five Crowns require you to have a particular set of cards. Game developers SET has got you covered with this official Five Crowns game set.

Alternatively, if you like to play on vacation, consider this Five Crowns set that comes in a handy travel tin.

Five Crowns Rules

Before you start playing, take a look at the deck of cards you’re going to use. The Five Crowns decks differ from standard decks of cards with an additional suit – stars.

There are 116 cards in the deck, and you’ll play with all of them (including the Jokers).

Pick a player at random to be the dealer.

Starting the Game

Five Crowns is played over 11 rounds/hands. In each hand, players get a different number of cards, following this simple pattern:

  • 1st hand: 3 cards each
  • 2nd hand: 4 cards each
  • 3rd hand: 5 cards each…
  • 11th hand: 13 cards each

Place the remaining cards in the center as your draw pile. Flip the top card and place it next to it as your discard pile.

This basic setup should be followed in each of the 11 rounds. 

Sets and Runs

Players aim to create various card sets and runs with the cards in their hands to get rid of them.

A run is a sequence of three or more cards of the same suit.

Example: 6♠ 7♠ 8♠.

A set contains three or more cards of the same value and can be of any suit.

Example: 2♣ 2♦ 2♠.

Wild cards and Jokers are also used in the game. They can substitute any card to complete a card sequence or a set.

Whereas Joker has the same function throughout the game, a wild card varies in every hand. It is equal to the number of cards players initially get.

Example: In the 3rd hand, the players start with 5 cards. Hence, card number 5 is considered wild.

How to play Five Crowns 

This is how the gameplay proceeds:

  • The player to the left of the dealer starts the game.
  • First, they add the top card of either the draw pile or the discard pile to their hand.
  • Next, they try to create sets or runs out of the cards in their hand.
  • Players take turns in the clockwise direction until one creates a set/run with all the cards in their hand.
  • Then, the gameplay will go around one more time as the remaining participants try to create a set or run with their cards.
  • Now count the points (see the scoring below) and write them down on paper.
  • The next hand can begin.

Five Crowns Scoring

Whoever wins the round (i.e., discards all their cards first) receives 0 points. The remaining players receive points based on the cards / card left in their hands:

  • Jokers = 50 points each
  • Wild Cards = 20 points each
  • Kings = 13 points each
  • Queens = 12 points each
  • Jacks = 11 points each
  • All other cards =face value (i.e., 10’s are worth 10 points, etc.).

After 11 rounds, the player with the lowest score wins the game

How to Play Five Crowns – Video Tutorial 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Five Crowns have five suits as opposed to the traditional 4?

Simply put, Five Crown contains the fifth suit so that it is easier and more approachable for younger card players, giving them more opportunities to create card sets and runs.

Can you play Five Crowns with only one player?

You can use the Five Crowns cards to play a unique version of solitaire using all five suits in the deck. Beware that using another suit will increase the game’s difficulty, though. 

How many Jokers are in the Five Crowns decks?

The Five Crowns decks contain 116 cards, including 6 Jokers.

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