Greed Dice Game: Rules and Gameplay Instructions

Greed is the perfect party game to spend countless hours of sheer fun and laughter with family and friends. 

You will find a close resemblance between Greed dice game rules and the classic dice game Farkle. Roll the dice, add up your score and chase to earn the winning point value – only in Farkle, you have to reach a minimum of 10,000 points to win. 

Greed, Farkle, Dice 10,000, Zilch are all just the different faces of one single game with slight variations. 

You have nothing to worry about if the game seems a little vague at this point. Our comprehensive guide to Greed dice game rules will give you a clear picture of the dice values, step-by-step gameplay and scoring.

What is Greed?

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Greed is a popular dice board game. Do you think you are greedy? Because this game will test if you can maintain a fine balance between strategy and greed.

You roll the dice and score a perfect combination. Now your greed will force you to stake these points for a better number. If luck favors, your points will pile up. 

But there is a good chance of losing your current points if you fail to roll a scoring combo in the subsequent turn. 

You got to take the risk but keep a check on your hunger at the same time. 

Beat everyone else to reach the Greed point first, and you win!

Number of Players: 2 or more

Ages:  7+

Length: 30 minutes 

Difficulty: Easy

Similar to: Farkle, LCR Game Rules, Yahtzee

Main Objective: Try to roll scoring combinations and earn a minimum of 5000 points accumulated from all rounds to win the game. 

Why We Love It: Light strategy games like Greed takes away your stress just like that. It has a super easy scoring process, and the luck factor brings in a bonus fun. 

What You’ll Need to Play Greed

You will need the Greed dice and the card stating the values of the dice. A score pad and pencil is easily manageable from your home stationary. But for the special dice, you have to grab a Greed Dice Game set.

This kit contains the following items:

  • 6 Greed dice with five letters and a $ sign inscribed on them. 
  • Scoresheet.
  • Pencil.
  • Greed dice game rules and instructions. 

The Greed dice game could be a great gift idea for the next birthday or housewarming party you are about to attend.

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Game Setup 

There is not much to do in setting up the game. 

You should gather at least two players to start playing Greed, or as many as you want. There is no limit. 

Bring the dice and instruction card out of the box. Keep a pad and pencil handy to write down the scores. 

And you are good to go!

Greed Dice Game Rules and Gameplay

Every player rolls six dice once, and the highest-scoring player takes the first turn.

Dice Values 

You should take a look at the dice values on a single roll to understand the gameplay better.

Points for the following combinations are:

  • $ G R E E D – 1000
  • $ $ $ – 600
  • G G G – 500
  • R R R – 400
  • E E E (both black and green) – 300
  • D D D D – 1000
  • D – 100
  • G – 50
  • Six of a kind – 5000


The play goes on in several rounds in a clockwise direction.

On Your Turn

Roll all six dice once. You have to roll a scoring combination of the minimum value of 500 points to get into the play and earn points. 

Once you have scored this initial minimum point, you can add up the points accumulated from the subsequent turns to this score. 

If you fail to roll a scoring combination, your turn ends with zero points.

If you succeed:

  • You can roll all the six dice again to score a better point. 
  • Or you may choose to set aside the dice with minimum scoring value and roll the leftover dice for an additional score.
  • If you are content with the rolled combination, you can collect the scores and pass the turn.

Greed Dice Game Rules for Rolling Dice in Subsequent Turns

  • In case you fail to score any points on the subsequent roll, your turn will end. Plus, you will lose all the points earned in that round.
  • If one of the dice falls out of the rolling mat or two dice are leaning on each other, you have to take a new turn.
  • To earn 1000 points from a complete $GREED roll, you must land one black and one green E. For ‘3 of a kind’ or ‘6 of a kind’ rolls, all the E’s should be of the same color.

Final Scoring and Winning the Game 

If a player scores 5,000 points or more, that will be their last turn in the game.

The remaining players still get one turn to try to beat the high score. But it cannot be a tie. To win the game, that player has to earn more points than the previous highest scorer. 

The player with the highest score at the end of that round wins Greed.

How to Play Greed Dice Game – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions About Greed 

Is there any good strategy to win Greed?

Rather than taking a subsequent roll, you may pass the turn when you are almost about to reach 5,000 points. This way, your chance of a high score increases, as you will be able to roll all six dice on the next turn.

What does Forfeiture mean in a Greed game?

Forfeiture refers to that situation when a player fails to roll at least one scoring combination on an initial or subsequent roll. They forfeit all points collected in that particular round, and their turn ends. 

Can we play Greed with regular dice?

No, you need the specific dice with inscribed letters to play Greed. However, you can play an alternative game Farkle with six regular dice.

Alternative Games You Might Like 

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We suggest you play Tenzi or Yahtzee next. Yahtzee is not all about rolling the dice and scoring the highest points like Greed. Players try to roll the perfect combination to fit the requirements of 13 categories and tick them off one by one.

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