Tenzi Dice Game: Rules and Gameplay

With the Tenzi Dice Game rules, you will learn everything you need to know before starting your first game.

Tenzi Dice is among the world’s fastest dice games, and while fun and super easy as a party game, it is much more mathematical at its core than it seems to be. 

Although dice games may not be as prevalent as other board or card games yet, it is still one of the most entertaining indoor activities. Quite similar to Greed and Farkle, this is an easy-to-learn and quick dice game, which requires just a few things to start off.

Read our guide to know how to play this 10-dice game like a pro. 

What is the Tenzi Dice Game?

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Tenzi is a fun-filled and exciting dice game that you can play with your friends and family at birthday parties or any place where a few people gather.

There are several ways to play this game. While some of the variations are quite simple and easy, the rest of them are mathematical and can put your brain to the test. 

These variations incorporate the most exciting and addictive aspect of this game: berserkly rolling multiple colorful dice to see who gets the best result.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Ages:  6 and above

Length: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Similar to: Farkle, Greed

Main Objective: Be the first one to match the number of all the dice. 

Why We Love It: Easy and light on the brain, Tenzi is an excellent form of recreation. The thrill to match the numbers before your opponent brings additional excitement to the game.

What You’ll Need to Play the Tenzi Dice Game?

At least two sets of various colored dice, each consisting of ten pieces (one set for each player). Besides, you will need a copy and pen/pencil if you want to note down the scores and results.

Or, you may grab the Tenzi Dice Game set, which includes:

  • Four sets of 10 colored dice
  • 77 ways to play Tenzi guidebook

The Tenzi Dice Game set will make a fantastic birthday or house-party gift. 

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Game Setup 

Setting up Tenzi does not entail any effort at all. Follow these simple steps:

  • You just need to get an opponent, or there may be as many as you want, no limit of players.
  • Grab a set of dice with 10 different colored pieces for each player
  • Find some space to roll the dice. That’s all you need, and you’re good to go!

Tenzi Dice Game Rules and Gameplay

Each player gets a turn to roll all their dice at the same time and aims to achieve the same result for each piece.

On Your Turn

Roll all of your dice at once and identify the number you want to achieve for all the dice. Then re-roll all those that do not match your number. You have to continue doing this until all the dice show the number.

Although there are several variations of Tenzi, each one has different rules and gameplay. One of the most popular variations of the game is Equalzi. This one requires each player to roll four dice at first and add their results. Then the player needs to keep rolling the remaining six dice until their summation is equal to the first result. 

Another exciting variation is Less Thanzi. In this game, a player has to roll a pair of dice and add their result. Again roll another pair of dice; if their summation is less than the previous product, the player continues. Otherwise, the player will be eliminated.

Tenzi Scoring and Winning the Game

After each player completes their turn, note down the number of turns he or she has taken. One who gets all the dice at one particular number in lesser attempts shall be declared the winner.

If two players achieve the target number for all dice in the same number of attempts, they shall play another round as a tie-breaker to decide the winner.

In case only two or three players are participating, they can all play at once. Whoever finishes first will be declared the winner.

How to Play Tenzi Dice Game – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions about Tenzi

While playing Tenzi, which number has the highest probability of appearing on each dice?

All the numbers have the same probability, and you must choose the number that the majority of the dice show after the first round.

Can we play Tenzi with a set of singular colored dice?

Yes, you can play Tenzi with a monochrome set of dice, but it will make it difficult to identify them and more time-consuming. As the game’s primary idea is to finish first, a single-colored set may spoil the fun.

Can we play Tenzi with a lesser number of dice?

You may follow the same gameplay and rules with fewer dice, but you will not be playing ‘TEN’-zi then. 

Other Similar Games to Tenzi

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We would suggest playing Yahtzee next; exciting as it is, it does not require anything except a few pieces of dice, a cup, and a flat surface.

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