How to Play Threes Dice Game (Rules and Instructions)

3 dice game, popularly known worldwide as threes, threes away, bender’s delight or tripps is popular among adults and kids alike. Don’t get confused with the number of threes in the names as it’s one of the few dice games that involve the use of 5 dice. 

The 3 dice game is a hit among masses thanks to the easy-to-follow rules and minimal winning conditions of the game.

In this guide, we will cover the A to Z of 3 dice game.

What Is the 3 Dice Game?

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3 dice is one of the traditional games that involve two or more than two players trying to obtain lower numbers on the dice. 3 dice game gets its name from the one key rule of this game that states that the value of 3 is 0. This means the greater the number of 3s scored, the higher chances of the player winning.

Number Of Players: Generally 4, can go up to any numbers.

Ages: Enjoyable for all age groups.

Difficulty: Easy

Main Objective: Score the lowest number or the perfect 0 to win one of the rounds.

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What We Love About This Game: 3 dice is a super fun game that can be enjoyed among a larger group of family and friends. It’s simple but the odds to win are really low, which makes it quite interesting.

Brief History Of The Game

For most dice games, it’s virtually impossible to trace back the history and the precise location and year of origination. Several historians, however, approximate that dice games were discovered long before mankind started recording history, and hence, no records exist.

Regardless, one thing that we can confirm about dice games is that they have been popular for centuries and still continue to be. Threes dice, particularly, has been popular among street gamblers and cheap bars across the world.

The simplicity of the game indicates it’s one of the oldest dice gambling games which has grown to now be popular as a fun family game.

Now that we know the overviews and background of the game, let’s head into the details.

What You Need To Play 3 Dice Game

The name says it all, dice are all you need to play this game. However, if you are gambling for money and want to go for the typical feels of a chill bar setting, you may also like to have a pot in the center. Have a look at the specifics and some cool options you might like to explore.


– 5 regular six-sided dice with pips.

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Dice with pot

– To complete the setup, nothing better than placing a leather pot to collect the bucks in between.

– Technically a silent dice shaker, this dice cup by Reriver comes along with a set of five dice and gives you all you need to get started with your 3 dice game.

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3 dice involves close to no set-up in true sense. Gather all the players around a table, decide who shall go first, place the pot in the center, and you’re good to go! Now that we’re all set, let’s move on to the nitty-gritty of the gameplay.

3 Dice Game: Rules and Game Play Instructions

One of the reasons why threes is so popular among all age groups is because the rules are extremely simple and uncomplicated. Got some time but no energy to kill? You’d love a refreshing game of 3 dice. Let’s quickly go through the rules and guidelines to playing the 3 dice game.

A Player’s Turn

When gambling, each player puts a pre-decided amount of bills/ chocolates/ beers/ or any betting unit in the center.

Who goes first is generally decided by the throw of a die by each player and according to the pre decided conditions (for instance, the highest/lowest number goes first), the players take turns in a clockwise direction.

In a turn, a player rolls all the five dice. The number of pips on the upper side/face of the dice is supposed to be calculated in the score with the exception of 3 pips. Any die with 3 on its face adds nothing (0) to the total score. At this stage, the player can choose one of either two ways to continue depending on the score that is added up.

– In case the pips add up to a lower score, the player can pass on the turn to the next player and accept the number as the final score.

– In case the pips add up to a higher score, it goes against the objective of the game. The player can choose to continue rolling by setting aside one or more preferred dice.

With every roll, the player has to compulsorily set aside a die. This means the player has a total of five chances in one turn to set aside numbers that add up to the final score. The player that manages to get the lowest sum by adding values of all chances in a turn, wins the game.

For instance, let’s say player A and B both took five chances by setting aside 1 lowest value die from each roll;

– player A’s turn in five rolls looks like this: 2-1-1-3-5

– player B’s turn in five rolls looks like this: 1-3-3-2-4

Player A’s score becomes 9 and player B’s score adds up to 7. Player B wins.

Best Score

The perfect 0 obtained by straight threes (3-3-3-3-3) on all dice is the best score in the game. Naturally, the odds are fewer than you can imagine and that is why the player that gets the best score is more often than not, the winner.

Shooting The Moon

Sounds quite dramatic, but seriously, what are the odds that the five dice you roll, all end up having 6 pips on the face? The symmetry is unreal, and hence the name. The player that gets straight sixes (6-6-6-6-6) is declared the winner of that round and the game restarts with that player.

Breaking The Tie

In the case of two or more players obtaining the same lowest score, the tied players add a unit each in the center and play again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the case of one player getting a perfect 0 score and another player shooting the moon?

If a player manages to shoot the moon before any player has obtained straight threes, that player wins. However if a player has already obtained the perfect 0 score, the rules of a tie are applied.

Does the 3 Dice Game have any variants?

Variants exist in the form of the same rules of gameplay but different winning conditions. For instance, another number can denote 0 value, or any player can be needed to get a score of 1 to win the game.

What’s considered a good score in 3 dice?

Anything below 4 is considered to be a great score. This score is possible on five dice with extremely low odds — multiple threes and lower numbers — so it’s a score you must hold on to unless a previous player has scored even lower.

Alternative Dice Games You Might Like

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