Ship Captain Crew: Rules and Instructions

Ahoy matey! Ye better count your loot before betting on this game of chance. Roll the dice to see if you can claim a Ship, Captain, and Crew and reach 50 points before your opponents. 

Ship Captain Crew is a quick-playing dice game that is purely driven by the roll of the dice. Since there is no strategy involved, this is an easy game to play with a group at a party or with friends at the pub. 

This Ship Captain Crew rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Ship Captain Crew?
  • What you’ll need to play Ship Captain Crew
  • Ship Captain Crew Rules
  • How to play Ship Captain Crew (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn the Ship Captain Crew Rules and Instructions: 

What is Ship Captain Crew?

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Ship Captain Crew is a simple dice game that only requires five dice to play. Players take turns rolling the dice to try to acquire certain numbers in a specific order to win the game. 

Number of Players: 2+ players

Ages: 8+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play: 15-20 minutes

Category: Dice game

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Main Objective: Be the first player to earn fifty points by rolling the dice, but you must first obtain a Ship, Captain, and a Crew!

Why We Love It: You can choose to play this quick-moving game with the Ship Captain Crew boxed set, or you can simply play with five standard dice. Everything you need to play can fit in your pocket for a grab-and-go game night!

What You’ll Need to Ship Captain Crew

Everything you need to play is included in this boxed set.

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The original box contains: 

  • 5 Ship Captain Crew Dice
  • Instruction Manual 

You can choose to play this game with any five standard dice if you don’t have this boxed edition. Just grab a notepad and pencil to keep score, and you’re ready to get started! 

Ship Captain Crew Rules

Players will take turns in clockwise rotation rolling all five dice. The player with the best pirate accent goes first! Shiver me timbers!

Each player gets three rolls per turn. 

The six represents the ship, the five represents the captain, and the four represents the crew. The goal is to roll a six, five, and then a four in that order. The other two dice are the cargo. 

For instance, you can not keep a five (captain) or a four (crew) without first having the six (ship.) 

After rolling a six, five, and a four, you can count up the points from the remaining dice in hopes of rolling as many points as possible. In this case, two sixes would give you 12 points for the round.

If a player does not roll a six on their first roll, they must roll all the dice again. If they obtain a six on the second roll, the die is set aside, and they must roll the remaining dice again in hopes of landing a five. 

If a five is accomplished on the second roll, the five can be set aside with the six, and the remaining dice are being rolled again for the last time (three rolls total per round). 

If a four is not claimed in the last roll, the player earns 0 points for that round, and the dice are passed on to the next player. 

If a four is claimed on the last roll, set the four aside and add up the total of the remaining two dice. Record that number towards his or her collective game points, and then the next player begins their turn. 

If you land a six, five, and four on the first roll, you can roll the other two dice for points on your next two rolls. However, the cargo you choose to keep, or the outcome of your third roll, is what you will have to record for your points for that round. 

How to Keep Score in Ship Captain Crew

Keep paper and pencil handy while playing to record scores. Each round, the dice that are leftover after collecting a Ship, Captain, and Crew, will count towards your points. 

If out of all three rolls a player never rolls Ship, Captain, Crew, they will not earn any points for that round. 

If a player does roll a Ship, Captain, Crew, those three dice are set aside, and the other two dice are rolled. Add up the total between the two dice to determine the player’s score for that round. 

Play continues until someone reaches 50 points, in which they will then be declared the winner. Aye, aye Cap’n!

How to Play Ship Captain Crew – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many rounds are in Ship Captain Crew?

Ship Captain Crew play goes on for multiple rounds until someone earns 50 points. There is no set number of rounds, but rather gameplay continues until someone reaches 50 points and wins the game. 

How many people can play Ship Captain Crew? 

This dice game is recommended for any number of players, starting with two. However, it is best played with 3-6 people. 

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