How To Play Blokus (Rules and Instructions)

Manufactured by Mattel, Blokus is an award-winning game suitable for the entire family! No skill is required to play this strategic thinking game. This article will set out all the Blokus rules.

Throughout the game, 2 to 4 players use tiles to fill in sections of the gameboard. Like the well-known game Tetris, fitting the most tiles together without leaving open spaces helps players earn more points. 

Continue reading to learn how to play Blokus. 

This Blokus rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Blokus?
  • A Brief History of Blokus
  • What You Need to Play Blokus
  • Blokus Rules
  • How to Keep Score
  • Blockus Video Tutorial 
  • FAQs

What is Blokus?

Blokus Board Game Info Image

Blokus is an abstract thinking board game. Players must use strategy to lay as many tiles on the board as possible before running out of space. The tiles are made up of tiny squares in groups of 2, 3, 4, or 5. Players aim to have minimal tiles remaining when the game ends to win. 

Number of Players: 2-4

Ages: Recommended for Ages 5+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 30 minutes

Category: Strategy, Board games 

Similar to: Dominoes, Tetris, Quirkle, Bounce Off

Main Objective: Players strive to win Blokus by placing down as many tiles as possible. 

Why We Love It: Blokus is easy to learn and requires very little thinking. You can play with friends while chatting over coffee or with the family gathered around the coffee table while watching the big game. 

A Brief History of Blokus

Blokus was originally created around 2000 and has received several awards, primarily because this thinking game promotes healthy brain function. 

Shortly after the game’s release, an online version became available; however, it was removed around 2013. 

What You’ll Need to Play Blokus 

Everything needed to play Blokus is included in this boxed set

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The original game box contains: 

  • Gameboard (400 square-grid)
  • 21 red plastic tiles
  • 21 yellow plastic tiles
  • 21 green plastic tiles
  • 21 blue plastic tiles 

Area of Play

This game is straightforward to set up. Each player collects all the tiles in the color of their choosing; either red, yellow, blue, or green. 

If two players are playing, a game variation allows player one to control red and blue tiles, while player two manages the yellow and green tiles. 

Players will continue to build from this starting point by laying a tile down in the corner of their board in a clockwise rotation, beginning with blue, then yellow, followed by red, and lastly, green. 

Blockus Rules

Each player must start their first tile in their corner of the square-shaped board, and the starting cube must completely cover the square in the corner. 

After each player has placed their initial tile or block in their corner, players continue to lay one tile down per turn. However, the catch is that each tile must only touch another tile of the same color at the corners. 

The flat sides of any same-colored block cannot be placed against each other, and tiles of the same color must only touch at the corners. There are no restrictions about how tiles of opposing colors are placed on the board. 

Once tiles are placed on the board, the tiles cannot be moved. When a player cannot play a tile, they lose a turn, and the game progresses to the next player.

The game ends when players can no longer place tiles on the game board. 

How to Keep Score in Blokus

After a two-player game, each player counts the number of squares in their remaining tiles. The player with the lowest number of squares is the winner.

Advanced Scoring 

Players compete to earn the highest score in this challenging scoring variation. Players still count the number of squares in their remaining tiles: 1 square equals 1 point. 

Players earn 15 additional points if all their tiles are played, and they have no remaining tiles. Plus, an extra 5 points if the last tile placed was a single 1-square block. 

When players manage two tile colors in a two-player game, the squares from both colors are simply counted and added together to determine the score. 

Another gameplay option allows three active players to “share” turns for the remaining fourth color. In this variation, players take turns laying tiles for the unclaimed color. Scoring will not be counted for the shared color at the end of the game. 

How to Play Blokus- Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Age is Blokus Recommended For? 

The Blokus game is recommended for children ages five and up. However, with a bit of support, younger children may get the hang of the strategy needed to play. Blokus is known for being an excellent choice for families or players of all ages. 

Can You Play Blokus By Yourself? 

You can play Blokus solo, and there is a single-player Blokus game available called Blokus Puzzle. It is designed as a hand-held game for one player, and its compact size is excellent for use while traveling or on the go. 

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