Who Am I? Game Questions and Rules 

There is nothing quite as amusing as a crowd of friends who have suddenly lost their identities! The Who Am I? game will bring people of all ages together in a silly game of questions and answers. Read on to learn the rules to Who Am I?

Purchase this party game as a ready-to-play boxed set or grab your pens and create your own! The object of the game is to discover your mystery identity by strategically asking yes or no questions. 

This Who Am I? game rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is the Who Am I? game?
  • What you’ll need to play Who Am I?
  • Who Am I? game rules
  • Who Am I? Questions
  • How to play the Who Am I? game (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn how to play the Who Am I? game.

What is the Who Am I? game?

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Players take turns guessing their mystery character. The first person to guess correctly wins! You can find several variations of the Who Am I? game available today including information on how to create your own homemade edition. 

Number of Players: 2-4 players

Ages: 8+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play: 30-60 minutes

Category: Guessing games, party games

Similar to: Hedbanz, Guess Who?, What Am I?

Main Objective: Be the first player to correctly guess the name attached to your glasses to win!

Why We Love It: This guessing game is super easy to play with a group of people at a party or as an icebreaker at a meeting or gathering because it is quick to set up and even faster to learn. 

What You’ll Need to Play the Who Am I? Game

Everything you need to play is available in this boxed set.

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The boxed set includes:

  • 120 name cards
  • 60 letter cards
  • 4 wacky eyeglasses
  • Instructions

Who Am I? Game Rules

To begin, players gather around a table or seating area equipped with the boxed game or paper and pencils. 

Each player blindly selects a card with the name of a well-known character or person written on it. If you do not have a premade game, you’ll have to write names on cards or sticky notes for the other players without then seeing them. 

This game includes silly glasses made especially for holding the mystery word card so other players can see your word, but you cannot. 

If you are playing without a set, you can attach the sticky notes to the players’ forehead or back. 

Once everyone is set up with a game card, players take turns in a clockwise rotation asking yes or no questions to try to determine the name of their mystery person. 

Players can only ask one question per round, and the question can only be answered by other participants with a simple yes or no. 

This particular Who Am I game set comes with a set of letter cards. Players must guess the mystery name correctly before spelling out the word “loser” using the letter cards l-o-s-e-r. 

Ultimately, in this game edition, you have five chances to ask questions and identify your person’s name before you lose. 

In order to win, be the first person to correctly name your secret identity before your opponents can name theirs! 

Who Am I? Questions

Check out this jumbo list of yes or no questions to ask the next time you find yourself with a mystery person’s name attached to your forehead!

Am I Profession Questions:

  • Am I a celebrity?
  • Am I a singer?
  • Am I a dancer?
  • Am I an actor/actress?
  • Am I an athlete?
  • Am I a politician?
  • Am I a reality show star?
  • Am I a fashion model?
  • Am I a gamer/YouTuber? (Only as one or the other.)
  • Am I an influencer?
  • Am I a comedian?
  • Am I an entertainer?

Am I Fictional Questions:

  • Am I a historical person?
  • Am I a fictional character?
  • Am I a fictional movie character?
  • Am I a fictional book character?
  • Am I a fictional television show character?
  • Am I an animal?
  • Am I a superhero?

Am I Demographics Questions:

  • Am I over ___ years old? 
  • Am I under ___ years old? 
  • Am I tall/short? (Only ask one or the other.)
  • Am I overweight/thin? (Only ask one or the other.)
  • Am I dark/light-haired? (Only ask one or the other.)
  • Am I in the media frequently?
  • Am I female?
  • Am I male?
  • Am I currently employed?
  • Am I retired?
  • Am I an American? (European, Asian, etc.) 

Am I Career Questions:

  • Am I a doctor?
  • Am I a lawyer?
  • Am I a dentist?
  • Am I a teacher?
  • Am I a firefighter?
  • Am I a nurse?
  • Am I an EMT?
  • Am I a mechanic?
  • Am I a veterinarian?
  • Am I in law enforcement?
  • Am I a pilot?
  • Am I in the sales/service industry? (Only ask one or the other.)
  • Am I an engineer?
  • Am I an astronaut?

How to Score Who Am I? Game

Scoring for the game depends on your preference or variation. For instance, the boxed set mentioned above includes letter cards. If a player or team spells out the word L-O-S-E-R, based on the number of times they have lost a round, they lose the game. 

You can also decide to play as individuals or teams. An easy scoring option is to simply keep track of which team or player guesses correctly most frequently within a certain time frame, a limited number of guesses, or based on a limited number of rounds. 

How to Play the Who Am I? Game – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you play the Who Am I? game with kids? 

The game manufacturers declare this game is intended for players ages 8 and older, however, you could easily make modifications to include cards with the names of people and characters that children are more familiar with- Blippy, Pikachu, and Elsa to name a few. 

Who Am I? game icebreaker ideas? 

The Who Am I? game makes a great icebreaker because it is easy to learn quickly and it gets people talking and asking questions. Use this game to help strangers or newbies get acquainted and share a few laughs at the start of a conference, event, or business meeting.

How do you play the What Am I? game? 

What Am I? Is an engaging alternative to the Who Am I? gameplay. In this rendition, simply use objects in place of people for players to guess. Some card examples might read banana, flashlight, or newspaper.

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