Devil’s Grip Card Game Rules

Are you seeking an original and challenging game for one player? This Devil’s Grip card game rules guide was written exactly for you.

If you’re already familiar with the Solitaire card game rules or the rules of Diplomat, Devil’s Grip will certainly feel familiar.

But this patience-type game is even more difficult, and your chances of winning it are slim. Still, mastering your skills in Devil’s Grip is a great pastime.

Key highlights of this Devil’s Grip card game rules guide:

  • What is Devil’s Grip
  • Devil’s Grip Card Game Rules
  • Devil’s Grip Scoring 
  • Devil’s Grip Card Game Rules in Pictures 
  • How to play Devil’s Grip (Video tutorial)

Continue reading and find out how to play Devil’s Grip.

What is Devil’s Grip?

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In Devil’s Grip, like in any other game from the solitaire family, you aim to create card sets following a specific order. But the sequences are unique and vary based on their place.

Number of Players:

Ages: 8+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 10 – 40 minutes

Type of Game: Sequence-building card game

Similar to: SolitaireDiplomatClock Solitaire

Main Objective: Get rid of the cards by building sequences.

Our Take: Devil’s Grip provides an original twist on the classic game of Solitaire. It is relaxing and fun for both experienced and beginner players.

What You’ll Need to Play Devil’s Grip

If you want to play Devil’s Grip, you need the following:

  • Decks: 2
  • Number of Cards: 96
  • Cards Omitted: Jokers, Aces 

Devil’s Grip Card Game Rules

First, prepare your card decks by removing all Jokers and Aces.

Next, shuffle the cards and deal 3 rows with 8 up-facing cards in each. The remaining deck is your stockpile. Place it face-down below the grid.

Starting the Game

In Devil’s Grip, your goal is to get rid of the cards from the stockpile by building specific sequences.


The order of cards in the sequences depends on their location within the grid. It goes as follows:

  • Top row: 2, 5, 8, Jack of the same suit 
  • Middle row: 3, 6, 9, Queen of the same suit
  • Bottom row: 4, 7, 10, King of the same suit

How to Play Devil’s Grip

You can swap any two cards on the grid and place one card on another if their order corresponds to the valid sequence.

Once you remove a card from its original place, fill the empty space with the top card of the stockpile. Always do this immediately before making any other moves.

When you get stuck (i.e., you run out of moves), flip over a set of three cards from the top of the stockpile. But don’t mix them up – you must use the top one first to access the others.

If you cannot use these cards, flip them over to create a discard pile. Once you run out of the stockpile cards, flip the discard pile over without shuffling it and continue.

Devil’s Grip Scoring 

Once you cannot make any more moves, the game is over

Count your remaining cards to determine your score: 

  • 1 card = 1 point

The closer you get to zero, the better.

Devil’s Grip Card Game Rules in Pictures

Step 1

Devil's Grip card game rules 1 image

Grab two decks of standard playing cards and sort out all the Jokers and Aces.

Step 2

Devil's Grip card game rules 2 image

Create a grid consisting of 3 rows with 8 cards in each. Place the remaining deck (your stockpile) under the grid.

Step 3

Devil's Grip card game rules 3 image

You aim to create the following sequences of cards of the same suit: top row = 2, 5, 8, Jack; middle row: 3, 6, 9, Queen; bottom row: 4, 7, 10, King.

Step 4

Devil's Grip card game rules 4 image

To create the sequences, you can swap the cards or place them on each other in the correct order. Fill the empty spaces with new cards from the stockpile.

Step 5

Devil's Grip card game rules 5 image

If you’re stuck, turn over the top three cards from the stockpile and try to use them. You must start with the top one to gain access to the others. 

Step 6

Devil's Grip card game rules 6 image

When you can’t make any more moves, count the remaining cards to determine your score. One card is worth one point. The lower your score is, the better. 

How to Play Devil’s Grip – Video Tutorial 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Devil’s Grip with one deck of cards?

Theoretically, you can play Devil’s Grip with one deck of cards only, but it certainly won’t be as fun as with two decks.

Is Devil’s Grip difficult to learn? 

No, Devil’s Grip is not difficult to learn. It’s a straightforward game. However, it’s difficult to win it. This requires good strategic thinking and tons of luck.

Is Devil’s Grip suitable for kids?

Yes, Devil’s Grip is suitable for kids, but they should be familiar with numbers and basic maths to understand the game properly.

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