Double Solitaire Rules

The Double Solitaire rules take the classic game of Solitaire and add a second player and second deck into proceedings to create a competitive yet strategic battle of cards.

Solitaire is tricky at the best of times.

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But if you’ve played a few too many hands on your work computer, then adding a competitive edge can give you an exciting and fresh new take on the game.

So if you’re someone looking to prove who’s the best in their group at Solitaire, then check out our guide on how to play Double Solitaire.

What is Double Solitaire?

Double Solitaire Card Game Info Image

Double Solitaire (or Double Klondike as it is sometimes known) follows the classic Solitaire rules.

The difference is that 2 decks with 2 players get played simultaneously, with each player trying to add cards from their side to the piles in the middle.

Speed is key to winning at this one.

But you also need to be able to perform under pressure, as any wrong move can open up a path to victory for your opponent.

If you’ve ever played games like the James Bond card game, then the dueling nature of Double Solitaire should already be familiar to you.

Number of Players Required: 2 players.

Who Can Play It: Teens, Adults.

Difficulty: Hard.

Length of Play: 5 – 30 minutes depending on skill.

Similar to: Gold Rush; Trigon; Lady Jane

Main Objective: Sort your shuffled deck out into numerical and suit order. Play more cards into the foundation piles than your opponent.

Why We Love It: If you’re a real expert at card games, especially Solitaire, then Double Solitaire is an excellent way to showcase your skills. Adding the competitive edge to a game that’s usually solo as well makes it even more fun.

Playing Double Solitaire – What You’ll Need.

If you do decide to play Double Solitaire, then it is essential that both players are using a set of cards with differing backs.

A dual pack like these from Bicycle fit the bill nicely.

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Also, be mindful as to where you play the game too.

Double Solitaire requires a large playing surface as both decks will need to get laid out throughout the game, so you’ll need plenty of space. 

That’s all you’ll need, and once you have your decks and are happy with your playing space, you can start to set the game up.

How To Set Up Double Solitaire

Both players will need to grab a deck each and give them a good shuffle before swapping decks with one another.

Next, both players need to set up the Tableau, which is the playing area for Double Solitaire.

Each player will need 7 piles of face-down cards.

The first pile contains 1 card, with the number of cards increasing by 1 until the seventh pile which contains 7 cards. 

It’s a good idea that the cards in each pile aren’t on top of one another like on other card games but overlapping so you can see the top of each card on the pile.

Like solo Solitaire, there needs to be space for the 4 Foundation piles too.

If playing the turn-based version of Double Solitaire, this gets shared between both players.

The remaining cards in the deck for both players will need to get placed face down in the top left-hand corner from where both players are sitting.

This is the Stockpile.

Double Solitaire Rules

There are 2 ways to play Double Solitaire.

If playing as a race, then follow our guide to the Solitaire rules as both players will play these rules simultaneously.

If you’re playing this as a turn-based game, though, continue reading to learn all about this particular version of the game.

Starting the Game

Both players overturn the topmost card on their stockpile, and whoever has the lowest-ranked card gets to start the game.

The card rankings in Double Solitaire go from highest to lowest: King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace

Both players, at this point, can overturn the card that sits on top of each pile on the Tableau to reveal which card it is.

The game begins when the starting player makes their first move of the game.

How to Play Double Solitaire

Double Solitaire follows the same rules as solo Solitaire in terms of gameplay.

Both players try to achieve the goal of sorting their cards in suit and number order.

On a player’s turn, they may turn over 1 card from the stockpile and add it to the Tableau if they can, place an ace onto the foundation or move cards around on the Tableau itself. 

Player’s may only move a card if they can place it on top of an already turned over card, it’s the opposite color, and it’s also the next in the sequence.

So a player may move a red 7 on top of a black 8, and can also move a black 6 on top of the red 7, etc. 

If a player comes across 1 of the 4 Aces, then they can add it onto the Foundation Pile.

They can also then add cards of the same suit on top as long as they’re getting placed in numerical order. 

If a player at any point cannot make any more moves, their turn ends, and the next player starts their turn.

Play continues until all 4 foundation piles have all suits, Ace, through to King.

Scoring In Double Solitaire

Usually, Double Solitaire doesn’t use a scoring system as the winner is the person with the most cards of theirs in the foundation pile.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to implement one if that’s how you prefer to play games.

At the end of the game, simply go through each of the 4 piles and count up how many of their specific cards that both players managed to play.

Every card is worth 1 point; the player who played an Ace to start a pile or King to finish gets an additional 5 points per card as well.

Whoever scores the most points at the end of the game wins in this version of Double Solitaire.

You can even play again and accumulate points across multiple rounds to see who is the Double Solitaire champion too.

Double Solitaire Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Double Solitaire rules if neither player can make any more moves before the foundation piles get completed?

This is a blockage and simply means that the game ends there.

Proceed to the scoring part of the game, awarding the win to the player with the most cards in the foundation pile or the most points.

How come both players need a deck of cards with a different back to them in Double Solitaire?

This is to make it super easy to be able to tell who played each card in the foundation pile.

This can otherwise be more difficult if players match all the cards.

How many cards are dealt in Double Solitaire?

2 decks minus the Jokers get used in Double Solitaire, so in total, players will need 104 cards to play.

In each player’s Tableau, this will contain 28 cards apiece, with the remaining cards sitting in the 2 stockpiles.

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