James Bond Card Game (Rules and How to play)

Often you’ll need a quick game that you can play with 2 players, and the James Bond card game is the ideal game for such a scenario.

Fortunately, this game isn’t as complicated as the card games that the British spy often finds himself involved in, being closer to following the Tonk rules than high stakes poker. 

The game is also fast and furious (although with cards, not cars), so you and whoever you’re playing against will get plenty of rounds in if you do decide to play.

So take a look and learn how to play James Bond, including all of the rules you’ll need to know and how to set up the game too. 

What is James Bond The Card Game?

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James Bond is a matching card game, similar to other games of Rummy, where players need to match cards to win and even similar to Solitaire in some ways.

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Players need to create 6 piles, with each pile made up of cards that are the exact same number value but must do this by swapping cards about 1 by 1. Hence the Solitaire similarities.

This is done by going against another player who is also attempting to achieve the same goal at the same time, so the quickest prevails in this card game. 

Number of Players Required: 2 players. 

Who Can Play It: Kids, Teens, Pre-teens, Adults

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play: 5-15 minutes. 

Similar to: Spoons; Speed; Spit

Main Objective: Be the first player to collect 6 piles of 4 matching cards of the same number value. 

Why We Love It: It may not be as involved as the game of poker played in Casino Royale, but this card game is a quick and easy game to play with a surprising amount of strategy involved. 

Playing James Bond – What You’ll Need.

Use any standard deck of cards to play this one, although it would make the most sense to get yourself a pack of 007 playing cards to get into the theme of the game. 

This is purely for aesthetics though, an old pack you found in last year’s Christmas cracker will do the trick just as nicely as well. 

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How To Set Up James Bond 

Start setting up your game by removing the Jokers from your deck, so you’re left with a 52 card deck.

Shuffle the deck, and in front of both players, you’ll need to lay the cards in 6 piles, 4 cards in each pile totaling 48 cards laid in front of the 2 players.

The last 4 cards, you’ll need to place face up in a line between the 2 players.

James Bond Card Game Rules

James Bond gets played with both players simultaneously making their moves, meaning that there is a real benefit to being quick when looking at your hand of cards. 

Starting the Game

Players need to begin the game at the same time, so have 1 player count down from 3 and shout GO when it’s time to begin playing.

Both players start the game by picking up any of their 6 piles in front of them. 

How to Play James Bond

Players must only have 4 cards in their hand at any stage during the game, starting with the initial pile that they choose.

As the goal is to get 4 cards that are matching invalue in all of their piles, players will need to utilize the middle 4 cards to make this happen.

Players can pick up any card from the middle as long as they replace it with another card that’s in their hand – there must always be 4 cards in the middle. 

Players can also switch between their 6 piles at will to try to match 4 but can only view 1 of the piles at once.

Once a player has managed to complete 1 of their 6 piles, they turn it face-up to show the other player that it’s complete.

As soon as a player gets all 6 of their piles to have 4 cards matching numerically, they can shout out JAMES BOND to signal their victory.

Scoring In James Bond

Games are relatively quick in James Bond, so give 1 point for every victory so you can see who ultimately wins at the end of the entire game.

Occasionally you’ll have rounds where neither player is able to make 6 piles of matching cards.

If this happens, agree with your opponent that the game is over and award the win to the player who manages to make the most piles.

Nobodygains a point for that round if it’s a tie, and the game restarts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play the James Bond card game with more than 2 players?

It is possible to play James Bond with 3 players; when setting up rather than 6 piles, players will need to get 4 piles each instead.

Then you play the game in the same way, with the first player getting 4 matching piles winning the round. 

Are there any alternative names for James Bond?

The game’s name varies depending on location, with it being called Atlantis, Chanhassen, and even Lännen nopein in Finland, which means Fastest in the West. 

Little is known about the origins of the name, except the different names all roughly mean winning when translated, and James Bond usually ends up winning in his films. 

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