Quelf Rules: How To Play Quelf, The Board Game

The board game Quelf certainly is unique. Quelf rules will push every player out of their shell and into participating in inane, hilarious stunts.

The gameplay is close enough to the Name 5 game, where you also move your game piece through the colored spaces and draw cards to solve challenges. Except that in Quelf, the cards dictate a wide range of random acts: from physical activities and tomfoolery to mime and singing. 

Bonkers fun is a bonus gift with this family game night hit.

If you are not entirely clear on how Quelf rules work but curious to learn more, this guide will help explain all you need to know about this fun board game. 

What is Quelf?

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One obvious thing about Quelf is that everything in this game is unpredictable. You may have to stay under a table for the rest of the game, compose a song using five words, turn into a human container or talk like a pirate until the next move. 

As you move ahead around the game board, you discover more hysterical trivia questions, entertaining performing acts and ridiculous stunts. 

No strategy, no resource management, just go with the flow. Follow the card rules and do whatever silly, fatuous, or tricky (at times) task it asks you to do. 

Number of Players: 3-8 (Best with 5-8)

Ages: 12+

Length: 30-60 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Similar To: Name 5, Cranium Cadoo

Main Objective: Be the first player to reach the finishing space and complete the final Scatterbrainz challenge to win.

Why We Love It: It’s a fun family game. Kids love watching grown-ups act all silly, catching the mistakes they make. 

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A Brief History of Quelf

Quelf is published by the same brand who also markets Rubik’s Cube, Spin Master. The artist Matt Luxich created the fun artworks of this game and it was released in 2005.

What You’ll Need to Play Quelf

To experience the madness that Quelf is, you’ll need the Quelf Board Game Kit. These are the items you can expect, unboxing the kit:

  • The game board
  • 400 cards
  • 8 character game pieces/movers
  • 1 die
  • A pad of paper
  • 30-second sand timer
  • Quelf rules and instructions sheet

Quelf Board Game
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Game Layout

Shuffle the deck of cards and put them near the game board at everyone’s reach. 

Place the game pieces on the starting point.

Bring out the die, timer, pencil and pad of paper and keep them handy. 

Everybody rolls the die once to determine who takes the first turn. The player with the highest roll goes first and then turns shift towards the left.

Quelf Rules and Gameplay

Quelf rules mainly include one key direction: Obey the card.

On Your Turn:

When your turn comes, roll the die. Move your game piece on the board X spaces (X being the number you rolled).

Now draw a card corresponding to the color of the space where you stopped. 

Read the card so that everyone can hear the activity and perform what it says. 

Exception: If you have landed on a green space, the player to your right will pick the card and read it out for you. 

Know Your Character:

Each game piece in Quelf represents a different character. The cards deal with every character in a different way. There are certain rules applied to each character for separate cards. You have to obey what the card says to your character. 

The personality of the characters becomes more prominent during the game by reading separate cards. 

You can read about their characteristics in detail as written on the sides of the box. Your selection of character might affect how your game will turn out.

So read carefully before you pick!

There are 8 types of characters:

  • The Platypus
  • Mr. Lugnut
  • Super Ninja Monkey 
  • The Dude
  • The Biscuit Farmer
  • Queen Spatula
  • Batbileg Chinzorig
  • Mrs. Pickle Feather
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Quelf Cards (Instruction Based):

According to Quelf rules, some instructions are associated with each card. Let’s take a look:

  • Penalty: 

You have to pay a penalty if you don’t complete your task or come up with a wrong answer to the card’s question. Every card has a penalty number. If you fail, you have to retreat that number of spaces on the board. 

  • Timed Cards:

When you pick a Timed Card, you have to finish your task in a limited time. This is where the sand timer is used. First, you read the card, then turn the timer on before starting your action. 

  • Quelf Effect:

Every card has a feature called Quelf Effect. It could be the explanation of the card’s function, could be a bonus question or an additional effect of the card, or maybe a silly quote from one of the Quelf characters.

  • Classified Cards:

When you draw a Classified Card, read it silently to yourself. Perform the task and discard the card in a way so that nobody else sees it. If another player manages to peek at a discarded Classified Card, they might be in for a Quelf Effect. 

Quelf Cards (Explanations):

We suggest keeping this set of instructions open while playing, as you may need to review them several times.

  • Roolz:

Roolz Cards can put you in a real pickle. The effect of this card doesn’t end with your turn. It can last up till the end of the game. If you quit obeying what the card says, you have to pay that card’s penalty. 

Roolz Cards have 3 different types:

  • Global Roolz – 

Every player in the game is affected by this card. Place the card in the center and every player has to follow the card’s rule. In failing, they have to pay the penalty. A Global Roolz lasts in the game until some other cards direct to remove it. 

  • Talking Roolz – 

Only the player who drew the card is affected by it. No player can have more than one Talking Roolz at a time. The card has to be placed in front of the player as a reminder of the rules. If the player is caught not following the card exactly, they have to pay the penalty. And the card will stay in play.

  • Action Roolz – 

An Action Roolz card functions in a similar way as a Talking Roolz card.

Notes on Roolz Cards:

  • If no other player notices, you can get away with a mistake you made in Roolz cards. Also, keep an eye on other players to check if they are following the rules correctly. 
  • If you want to discard all your Roolz cards at any given point during the game, return your character to the starting place and start again. 
  • Quizzle:

Remember the green card we talked about earlier, which is drawn and read by the person to your right? That’s Quuizzle. It’s a trivia card. The questions range from obvious to impossible.

If you have the right answer, you don’t pay the penalty. In many Quizzle Cards, there is an Extra Credit Question that you can attempt to answer, regardless of how you did in the primary question. If you get it right, you can move your game piece one space ahead. 

  • Stuntz and Showbiz:

Stuntz Cards will literally keep you on your toes. You have to perform a physical action like balancing or hiding. 

With a Showbiz Card, you are on stage. Sing, dance, act, mime, write poetry, anything to obey the card. 


  • If the card’s activity crosses any of your ongoing rules in play, ignore that rule until this activity is finished.
  • If the act requires an item that’s not near you, then improvise. If you can’t, draw another card.
  • If any act seems unsafe, you may choose another one. The game is certainly not bigger than your safety. 
  • Scatterbrainz

Everyone plays this card. Once you draw, choose a topic like ‘Brands of Clothes.’ Now everyone has to give a valid answer as the game proceeds leftwards, starting from you.

It will stop when:

  • A player can’t provide a valid answer
  • Someone repeats an answer
  • A player takes more than 10 seconds to answer

The player who breaks the chain pays the penalty.

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Final Challenge To End The Game

You have to reach the finishing space and complete the final Scatterbrainz challenge to win the game. As a winning participant, you have to give 2 answers, while others give only 1. If you don’t break the chain and someone else answers wrong, you are the winner of Quelf!

How to Play Quelf – Video Tutorial 

Frequently Asked Questions About Quelf

Can I buy new cards for the Quelf board game ?

For an expansion pack, you can contact the seller, as it’s not readily available online. 

Is there a children’s version of Quelf?

Yes. Quelf Jr Board Game Kit is appropriate for children aged 6+.

Quelf Jr Board Game (kids aged 6+)
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Could Quelf be played with 10+ people?

Though there are no written rules, it can totally work out if played in teams. 

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