Monikers (Game Rules and How to Play)

Looking for a new party game that is easy to learn and will keep the party alive? These Monikers rules will show you an exciting updated version of Charades, suitable for any adult gathering or party! 

Monikers is a fast-moving, adult party game suitable for both small and large groups. By combining the basics of Charades and Celebrities, Monikers has everyone guessing what/who is listed on the card by using words, gestures, and sounds.

But, there is a catch! Unlike Charades, Monikers is played in 3 rounds. Each round contains a different way to have players guess what is on each card. 

If you’re looking to throw some excitement into your next gathering, Monikers will be sure to keep your guests entertained! Continue reading below to learn how to play!

What is Monikers?

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Monikers is an adult party game that consists of two teams guessing what is named on each card in the deck. Over the course of 3 rounds with various rules, whichever team collects the most points wins the game!

Number of players: 4-16+

Ages: 17+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of play: 30-60min

Category: Card Game, Party Game, Humor, Mature/Adult, Role Playing

Similar to: Party Charades, Outrageous, Pictionary, Cranium Dark

Main Objective: Be the first team to score the most points after all 3 rounds are up!

Why We Love It: It’s a fantastic party game that keeps your friends laughing and constantly entertained! 

Playing Monikers: What You’ll Need

Everything you need to play Monikers can be found in the box

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These are all of the components you will find inside the base game:

  • 440 Cards
  • 1 Instruction Guide

Moniker Game Rules

Game Setup

  1. Divide your group of players into 2 teams.
  2. Deal 10 cards out to every player. Then, each player selects 5 cards they would prefer to play with and return the other 5 back to the box.
  1. Take all of the cards that were chosen by players and shuffle them into one deck. This deck will be shared by both teams throughout the game.
  2. Typically, the game should be played with no more than 40-50 cards total. If you have a very large group of people, you can deal fewer cards. If you have a small group of people, you can deal out more cards.
  3. Choose a team to go first. The team can be chosen at random, or you may select the team who has the best story about meeting a famous person!

How to Play Monikers the Board Game

A game of Monikers is played in 3 rounds between 2 teams fighting for the most points. To win the game, your team must collect the most points by the end of the game.

Each card has a number of points on the bottom of the card. When a player on your team guesses a card correctly, that card gets placed into a separate pile and is tallied up at the end of each round.

Cards will contain the name of a celebrity, a type of person, a mythical creature, or even a character from a movie or a famous painting. The higher the number on the bottom of the card, the harder it may be to guess!

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Starting the Game

The starting team chooses someone to go first and sets a timer for 60 seconds. This player picks up the top card from the shared deck of previously chosen cards and prompts their team members to guess as many cards as possible before the timer runs out.

After the first team’s 60 seconds are up, the timer is set for the other team’s first player to give clues. Gameplay continues this way back and forth while rotating a new person on each team to provide clues each time.

Once all cards are guessed correctly, the current round ends. Each team calculates their scores from each card this round and writes it down to tally up their grand total later.

At the end of each round, shuffle all cards together into another shared pile for the next round!

Note: If you have more than 10 people playing the game, you may want to set the timer for 30-45 seconds per person/team to keep the game moving and give everyone a chance to pick up cards.

The Rounds

Each round has specific rules you need to follow:

Round 1

Clues are provided to teams in the form of words, sounds, and gestures.

The active clue-giver can read the description provided on the card if needed. If the clue-giver accidentally gives the name or part of the name they are trying to give clues for, that card immediately gets shuffled back into the deck.

Round 2

Clues can be provided by using only ONE word per card

The word cannot be part of the name players are trying to guess. This word can be repeated if needed. Gestures, sounds, and any other words are not allowed!

Round 3

Clues can only be provided using gestures.

Sound effects can be used if necessary. Absolutely no words are allowed this round!

Note: Skipping cards is encouraged! If you cannot get your team to guess a certain card, move on to the next one. This will allow your team a chance at winning more points for that round.

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How to Keep Score in Monikers

When a player on your team guesses the name on a card correctly, it is put aside into a separate pile for that team.

Each card has a number on the bottom, which represents the points for that specific card. When each round is over, teams will tally up the points on the cards they guessed correctly, and that is their score for that current round.

Once all 3 rounds are up, each team tallies up the points gained from each round. The team with the most points wins the game!

Video Tutorial for Monikers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any gameplay variants for Monikers?

Yes! The instruction booklet provides a few options, such as adding extra rounds that involve making noises only, playing as one group cooperatively, and splitting up into more teams.

If a player guesses part of the name or is extremely close to the correct answer, does that count as a “correct” answer?

If this happens in the middle of the round, put that “possible” card to the side, and as soon as the timer is up for that team, discuss as a group whether or not that team properly redeemed it.

If the name on a card is Joseph, can I use the name Joe as a clue?

No, that will be too simple! Players are also not allowed to give initials or spell anything out.

Are there any expansions available?

Yes! These expansions are currently available for the base game:

Monikers: More Monikers

Monikers: “Classics

Monikers: Serious Nonsense

Please note that the base game and all expansions are for ages 17+!

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