Watch Ya Mouth Rules: Learn How to Play this Cheeky Game

Watch Ya Mouth is a hilarious, quick-guessing game perfect for any party. Players have to get their teammates to guess the word correctly.

You may notice a strong resemblance between Watch Ya Mouth and Taboo (check out the Taboo game rules).

This one’s a simple yet interesting game that you can play in any group. Peter and Alison Denbigh designed Watch Ya Mouth that has become one of the best-selling indoor group games.

Watch Ya Mouth will test your charades skills like no other game.

What is Watch Ya Mouth?

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Watch Ya Mouth is a unique charades game that has its own twist. This game involves mouthguards which you have to wear while saying a word or a phrase.

The game is designed to be played in teams. One player will have to sport a mouthguard and say the word on their card. Other teammates will have to guess the word correctly to earn a point.

Can you communicate effectively with a cheek retractor in your mouth?

Try to guess as many words as possible within sixty seconds correctly.

Number of Players: 4 or more

Ages:  4+

Length: 15 minutes 

Difficulty: Medium

Similar to: Taboo, Catch Phrase, Party Charades

Main Objective: Try to pronounce the word or phrase appropriately so that your teammates can understand it.

Why We Love It: Challenging and exciting game suitable for all age groups. Besides, the game set is quite handy, and you can carry it anywhere.

What You’ll Need to Play Watch Ya Mouth

There are a few types of equipment that you will need to play Watch Ya Mouth.

First of all, you will need some cards with different words and phrases on them, a timer, mouthguards, and a few players to start the game.

For better gameplay, you may like to get the handy Watch Ya Mouth Game, which includes:

  • 10 mouthpieces to be used as cheek retractors.
  • 143 cards with several words and phrases on them.
  • A timer to keep track of the time.
  • An instruction guidebook to help you learn the game faster.

Make your teams and start playing Watch Ya Mouth with friends and family.

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Game Setup

There is not much to the setup of this game. You will need to arrange all the components of the game and gather the players.

Next, the players shall be divided into two equal teams.

Then, decide which team goes first and which player will try to express the words.

Once you have sorted out the sequence, you can start to play the game.

Watch Ya Mouth Rules and Gameplay


This unique game requires each team to have at least a couple of players. If there are an odd number of players, you can divide them into unequal teams.

One player will be given the reader’s role, who is supposed to read the words and phrases and pronounce them appropriately while wearing a mouthguard. Other members of that team will try to guess that word or phrase correctly.

Players will have to exchange roles after each round.

Once the reader wears a mouthpiece, the countdown will start. The interpreters will try to guess maximum words and phrases within sixty seconds. Each correct interpretation will earn that team one point.

One of the members of the opponent team will check the accuracy of the interpretation.

The game also includes some bonus cards, which have more complex phrases than the others. But thanks to this difficulty, it is worth two points. The reader can skip these bonus cards if the phrase seems too difficult. 

The team with more points at the end of the final round will be pronounced the winner!


There are two different gameplay options for Watch Ya Mouth that bring varying levels of difficulty. 

The first is Open Season, where the reader can give other teammates clues through any sound, gestures, or other references. But the reader cannot write or draw to make the interpreter understand.

Another gameplay option is called Legit, which restricts the reader only to speak that particular word or phrase on their card. The reader cannot utter any other word and only nod their head to any answers.

Watch Ya Mouth Scoring and Winning the Game

Each correct interpretation earns your team one point. If you can correctly guess the bonus phrase, you will be awarded two points.

There are at least four rounds of sixty seconds for each team.

After the final round, the team with more points will win. 

In case there is a tie, you will need to play a tie-breaker round or rounds until one team has more points after the same number of turns.

How To Play Watch Ya Mouth- Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions About Watch Ya Mouth

Are the mouthguards in Watch Ya Mouth reusable?

Yes, the mouthguards that come with the game set are washable and reusable.

Can we play Watch Ya Mouth without teams?

No, Watch Ya Mouth is a collaborative team game. You will need one reader and at least one interpreter in each team.

Is Watch Ya Mouth suitable for kids?

Yes, this is a hilarious game for any age group. Kids can play this game and learn new words and phrases.

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