Best Croquet Set in 2024 (Buyers Guide)

If you’re eager to try something different from your usual plethora of outdoor games this summer, picking up one of the best croquet sets around can prove to be very worthwhile. 

Far from being the exclusive reserve of posh, upper-class British people that it once was, croquet today (see backyard croquet rules) is an enjoyable, easy-to-play game that’s fun for families everywhere, with the United States Croquet Association suggesting that some 100,000 people across America enjoy this classic game.

Still, if you’re new to croquet, choosing the best set to buy doesn’t always seem straightforward.

That’s where we come in. 

We recently tested out 15 of the year’s best-selling croquet sets to find the top five very best of the best. 

Ultimately, the Baden 6-Player Champions Croquet Set proved to be our Editor’s Choice thanks to their superior-quality material, comfortable grip, and exceptional storage.

Still, if that’s not right for you, you’ll find four other great options below.

Top 5 Best Croquet Sets of 2024 

Selection Criteria

As we’ll discuss in the buyer’s guide later, the three things that mattered most to us when choosing a croquet set was the quality of both the construction and the material, how well the croquet mallets how suitable the croquet mallets are for players of different ages, and the comfort level. 

After that, we also considered storage options and, to a lesser degree, aesthetic appeal. 

In the reviews below, you’ll discover how each of our top five picks held up in each category.

1. Editor’s Choice – Baden 6-Player Champions Croquet Set

Editor's Choice
Baden 6-Player Champions Croquet Set with Soft Grip Handles
$149.99 $121.37
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02/17/2024 06:07 pm GMT


Mallet size: 33″

Wicket size: 14″

Mallet material: cottonwood

Ball material: Poly-resin

If you’re serious about croquet and you’re ready to upgrade your game with the best possible set money can buy right now, look no further than the Baden 6-Player Champions Croquet Set.

Everything you could possibly ask for in a high-quality set is present and correct here. 

The premium solid wood handles and mallet heads slot together effortlessly yet remain super-resilient, ensuring that they won’t fall apart no matter how enthusiastically you hit those croquet balls.

Speaking of the balls, the poly-resin material also lends this one an incredible amount of durability while the variety of colors are sure to brighten up your afternoon of fun and games.

All this, plus 9 steel wickets and 24″ hardwood scoring posts, come in a deluxe carry case that is every bit as strong and sturdy as the rest of this set. 

While this one is no doubt expensive, it’s worth every penny for croquet fans.

What We Like: 

  • Detachable mallet heads for easy storage
  • It comes with rubber-grip handles for added comfort
  • Includes a free croquet rule book.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Very expensive compared to other brands 
  • Mallets may be too big for smaller children

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2. Best Budget Option – GoSports Six Player Croquet Set

Best Budget Option
GoSports Premium Croquet Set - Full Size for Adults & Kids, Multicolor (CROQUET-01)
$59.99 $53.28
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02/19/2024 04:37 am GMT


Mallet size: 35″

Wicket size: 14″

Mallet material: premium hardwood

Ball material: plastic

If the high price tag of our Editor’s Choice pick was enough to put you off croquet altogether, don’t worry, the GoSports Six Player Croquet Set proves that it’s still possible to enjoy this summer-time favorite without paying over the odds. 

Our pick of the best budget-friendly croquet set around right now, this one comes from a brand with a well-regarded reputation for developing high-quality sports and gaming equipment. 

Indeed, GoSports have topped the charts in our guides to the best cornhole boards and bocce ball sets, so it’s no surprise to see them ranking almost as highly here.

What earned them this spot is a combination of the highly durable premium wood used to create the 6 brightly-colored mallets, the addition of other croquet essentials such as wickets, end posts, and balls, as well as a canvas carry case that would give the Baden set’s case a serious run for its money. 

On the subject of money, all of this is available at the lowest price you’re going to find for a good set.

What We Like:

  • 35″ mallets make them a good size for adults and children
  • It comes with a fully-weather resistant case
  • Extra-long, high-quality grip.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Plastic balls can get easily damaged
  • Wooden threads on the mallets may come apart.

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3. Best for Kids – Ropoda Six-Player Croquet Set

Best for Kids
ropoda Six-Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets, Colored Balls, Sturdy Carrying Bag for Adults &Kids, Perfect for Lawn,Backyard,Park and More.
$54.99 $45.99
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11/08/2023 08:37 pm GMT


Mallet size: 24″ – 25″

Wicket size: 14″

Mallet material: Premium hardwood

Ball material: poly-resin

If your main goal is to introduce your young ones to the game of croquet, the Ropeda Six Player Croquet Set should be on your radar. 

The smaller, 24″ and 25″ mallet options may not be so ideal if you’re inviting friends round for an afternoon of adults-only party games, but they do make them much better suited to smaller bodies. 

Still, as small as it may be in size, the Juegoal set is just as big in quality. 

The premium solid wood handles provide exceptional durability, with extra-solid mallet heads which offer a superior level of shock absorption, ensuring no cracks or breaks no matter how hard you hit the solid, weather-resistant balls. 

Mallet assembly may require a grown-up’s help, but otherwise, this features everything young children could need to learn how to play. 

What We Like:

  • It comes with damage-resistant resin balls
  • The handy carry case makes it easy to store and carry
  • Mallets come with protective covers.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It may be too small for adults
  • Some users reported frustrations that the mallets need to be disassembled to be stored in the bag.

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4. Best for Travel – Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set

Best for Travel
Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets Colored Balls for Lawn, Backyard and Park, 28 Inch
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12/02/2023 01:52 am GMT


Mallet size: 28

Wicket size: 14″

Mallet material: hardwood

Ball material: Plastic

Setting up a croquet set on the lawn can be a great way to enjoy a fun-filled family afternoon without having to go anywhere.

Yet if you lack the space at home and need a croquet, you can easily carry off to the park with you, or if you’re looking for something you can take away on vacation, the Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set

Much like the Ropeda set, the mallets here are somewhat on the small side, though at 28″ inches, they’re still reasonably well-sized for most players.

What’s more, the small size and lightweight design ensure they fit effortlessly into the slimline tote case, meaning you’ll have no problem at all slinging this one over your shoulder and heading out to the beach, the park, or wherever you want to play.

What We Like:

  • Vinyl coated wickets provide added strength and weather resistance. 
  • Lightweight design makes it well-suited for young children
  • A draw-string bag makes it easy to carry around.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Too small for adults
  • Threads on the handles strip away easily.

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5. Best for Adults – Franklin Sports Vintage Outdoor Croquet Set

Best for Adults
Franklin Sports Outdoor Croquet Set - 6 Player Croquet Set with Stakes, Mallets, Wickets, and Balls - Backyard/Lawn Croquet Set - Vintage
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10/09/2023 08:07 pm GMT


Mallet size: 36″

Wicket size: 14″

Mallet material: hardwood with brass fittings

Ball material: poly-resin

You’ve seen the best croquet set for kids, but if it’s just you and your friends getting together for a game, you certainly need something that not only looks the part but also holds up against more rigorous play.

The Franklin Sports Vintage Outdoor Croquet Set ticks both of those boxes and then some. 

If we had to pick just one thing we love about this set, it’s the gorgeous vintage design, all distressed-looking wood with brass fittings that certainly stand out from the host of sets that all pretty much look the same.

All of this is complemented by a wonderful real-wood storage stand that is as attractive as it is practical. 

Still, looks aren’t everything, and the Franklin Sports set certainly has more to offer that makes it a perfect setting for adults.

First of all, there’s the size. 

At 36″, these are some of the longest croquet mallets you’ll find, making them better suited than trying to play your game with shorter, kid-friendly mallets. 

Then there’s the durability. Those brass rings aren’t just for show; they’re there to ensure the highest level of durability, ensuring this unique set will continue to bring years of enjoyment.

What We Like:

  • Includes carry case as well as stand, making it suitable for travel
  • Mallets and balls are color-coordinated
  • Easy assembly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive price 
  • Not suitable for children

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How to Choose the Best Croquet Sets: A Buyer’s Guide 

If you’ve read through our top five picks and haven’t yet made your mind up as to which one is right for you, the following buyer’s guide may help.

Below, we explain each of the factors we looked at when making our selections, why they matter, and how they may influence your final buying decision.


Like pickleball paddles, baseball bats, and pool cues, croquet mallets can come in for quite a bit of battering when they’re being driven into balls with some force.

With that in mind, it simply makes sense that the most important factor when picking a quality croquet set is durability.

You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing even if you get a little over-eager with your turn, that mallet you’re holding isn’t going to crack, break, or completely fall apart.

What’s more, since croquet is predominantly an outdoor game, it needs to be weather resistant, ensuring that the rain won’t damage the materials, nor will excessive sunlight fade the colors or materials. 


Most croquet mallets range from around 33″ – 36″, which is an appropriate size to allow adults to play comfortably.

If you’re playing with young children, however, you may need to look at a 28″ set which is roughly big enough for people of all ages, or a 24″ – 26″ set which is perhaps best suited to children only. 


Although it’s an often overlooked aspect of a croquet set, the grip on the handles makes a big difference to the way you play.

If it’s too slick and smooth, there’s every chance your hand will slip and slide, ruining your shot. 

That’s why we only went for sets that featured mallets with thick, non-slip handles that don’t just help you take a firm hold but also ensure maximum comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Croquet Sets

How much is a good croquet set?

The best croquet sets typically retail for between $50 – $100, though you can find some top-of-the-range sets in excess of $150, while budget-friendly versions may cost a more reasonable $30 – $50.

What is the best length for a croquet mallet?

This depends on who’s playing. For adults, 36″ is a comfortable size, while children may be better with a mallet that measures under 28″. 

How many mallets are in a croquet set?

A good croquet set for recreational use should contain 4-6 mallets. 

What is the Best Croquet Set to Buy in 2024? 

By now, you’ve got all the information you need to make a simple, easy decision as to the best croquet set for you and your friends or family. 

However, if you still haven’t made up your mind, let us leave you with a few final recommendations. 

If you’re just trying croquet out to see how you like it, or if you’re eager to keep a close eye on your spending, the high-quality, low-cost GoSports Six Player Croquet Set is a tough one to beat. 

If you’re looking for the best set to introduce your young ones to the game, the smaller, lightweight design of the Ropoda Six-Player Croquet Set is ideal. 

However, for the absolute best croquet set money can buy right now, look no further than the Baden 6-Player Champions Croquet Set, a superior quality set that offers excellent durability and perfectly sized mallets to ensure endless fun for players of all ages.

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