How to Play Funemployed (Rules and Instructions)

The Funemployed rules state that the winner is the person with the most jobs, which in any other context would not sound like a win.

But in Funemployed, job interviews are instead turned into absurd auditions. The completely random nature of the qualifications players use to make their resume rewards those who are quick thinking and are creative.

Funemployed is like if Cards Against Humanity met the popular TV show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’. So if you’re a fan of either of these, then this should be a card game that piques your interest.

As improvisation is vital for players to master to be successful, if you’ve ever played games such as Spyfall, you’ll already be familiar with some aspects of Funemployed.

In our detailed game guide below, we’ll teach you how to play Funemployed, including all the rules, setup, and some handy tips for beginners.

What Is Funemployed?

Funemployed Card Game Info Image

Funemployed is the card game for adults that puts players into an interview-like situation as they compete to get the most jobs.

From the realistic qualification suggestions like ‘Assertive’ to the downright ridiculous ones such as ‘Sexual Tyrannosaurus’, players’ improvisation skills are put to the test.

Number of Players Required: 3+ players.

Who Can Play It: A game for adults, recommended for ages 18+.

Difficulty: Easy.

Length of Play: 20 – 40 minutes.

Similar to: Off Topic; Exploding Kittens; Throw Throw Burrito; Disturbed Friends

Main Objective: Players build their resumes throughout the game to be the player who gets hired for the most jobs at the end of the game.

Why We Love It: Finding a new job is usually a stressful time for many people, but Funemployed takes away the pressure to leave a fun card game that’s easy to play.

Playing Funemployed – What You’ll Need.

To play the Funemployed card game, you’ll need the correct deck of cards before you can play. 

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Funemployed includes the following items:

  • 320 Green Qualification Cards and;
  • 72 Black Job Cards

So as you can see by the minimal variety of cards needed to play, Funemployed is an easy game to both set up and play.

How To Set Up Funemployed

Start by shuffling the job cards and randomly drawing 16 cards from this shuffled deck. Make sure the My Job card gets included as 1 of the 16 as well. 

Also, shuffle the entire Qualification deck and place this next to the stack of 16 Job cards to make a draw pile

Draw the top 10 cards from the Qualification deck and place them face up in the middle of players in a 5×2 formation.

Funemployed Rules

When playing Funemployed there are no rules about having to wear the proper attire, but it can’t hurt your chances if you did choose to.

Starting the Game.

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide which player is going to start as the Employer and the other starting as the Applicants.

Do this in any way that you see fit, a good way to decide would be to pick the person who last had a job interview.

From the starting player, after every round, the Employer becomes the player who is on the left of the current Employer.

How to Play Funemployed

When each round begins, the Employer needs to deal out 4 Qualification cards to players from the Qualification deck.

Turn over the card on top of the Job deck to reveal to players which job they are applying for in the current round.

After a minute of quiet deliberation, players must build their resume by either keeping the 4 cards in their hand or swapping any of them for the cards that are in the middle.

This part of the game is free-for-all, and players can swap as many times as they like, just as long as they have 4 Job cards at all times.

Once all players are happy with their hands, do not want to swap out any more cards, and they have decided which order they want their cards to be in, the interviews can begin.

Each Qualification will have a word on it that represents a skill. Players need to explain why they’ve chosen each card and elaborate on why that skill would make them perfect for the job on offer. 

Once all the applicants finish their pitches to the employer, then the employer decides who impressed them the most and picks who gets the Job card.

The game continues until the My Job card gets drawn.

This signals that it’s the last round, and rather than apply for a job that’s on a card everyone must apply for the current Employer’s actual job.

The game ends as soon as the round with My Job ends.

Scoring In Funemployed

Scoring is easy and straightforward to work out.

Simply count how many jobs each player has at the end of the game. Whoever has the most wins.

If there is a tie, then go to sudden death, where players have to draw a job card and 2 qualification cards.

Whoever convinces the most players that they’re most deserving of the sudden death job wins the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it say to do in the Funemployed rules if we run out of Qualification cards?

If this happens, then grab all the cards in the discard pile, shuffle them, and turn them into your new qualification card draw pile.

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