Kings in the Corner (Rules and Gameplay Instructions)

Competitive multiplayer variations on Solitaire are becoming more and more popular. Kings in the Corner is an excellent option if you like them too. Read Kings in the Corner rules and beat your friends in this exciting card game.

Kings in the Corner (also known as Kings Corner) is a popular family card game advertised as a ‘Solitaire with Twist.’ And indeed, the games have a lot in common. Players create descending card sequences with alternating colors following the classic Solitaire rules

Nevertheless, unlike Solitaire, which a single player traditionally plays, Kings in the Corner is a dynamic competitive game for 2 to 6 players – a fantastic choice for a game night with friends or family (see other great game night ideas).

This Kings in the Corner rules guide will cover the following: 

  • What is Kings in the Corner?
  • What you’ll need to play Kings in the Corner 
  • Kings in the Corner rules
  • How to play Kings in the Corner (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to Kings in the Corner (our guides)

Continue reading if you want to learn how to play Kings in the Corner.

What is Kings in the Corner?

Kings in the Corner Card Game Info Image

Kings in the Corner is a classic card game combining skills and chance. It is fast, enjoyable, and super-easy to learn. If you have ever played Solitaire or any other game involving card sequences, you already know everything important.

Number of Players: 2 – 6 players

Ages: 5+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 20 – 45 minutes

Category: Patience-type card game

Similar to: Solitaire, Rack-O, Patience

Main Objective: Get rid of all your cards round after round and collect 100 points before your opponents. 

Why We Love It: The Kings in the Corner game brings the excitement and logic of a classic Solitaire at a dynamic competitive pace. It is also super-easy to learn and hence accessible to anyone. 

What You’ll Need to Play Kings in the Corner

The Kings in the Corner game is played with a classic deck of cards, but if you want to enjoy it in style and comfort, get yourself an official Kings in the Corner game set

It contains all you need:

  • Deck of customized playing cards
  • 80 playing chips
  • Unique foldable card stand
  • Instructions
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Kings in the Corner Rules and Gameplay

Learning Kings in the Corner is very easy. Most players master this game in just a few rounds, making it a perfect choice for spicing up a spontaneous get-together or party.

Starting the Game

Before you start playing, deal the playing materials among the players and prepare all the accessories you will need:

  • First, divide the playing chips among the players as evenly as possible. 
  • Now pick a dealer who sorts out jokers from the deck and shuffles the cards.
  • Each player gets seven cards
  • Players can check their deal immediately but must be careful not to expose their cards to their opponents. 
  • Now assemble the blue plastic card stand

Kings in the Corner Card Stand: How it Works?

The most distinguishable accessory in this game is the card stand. If you’ve never seen it before, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with it. The stand consists of the following components:

  • Card slots are the four elevated card-shaped compartments with thin holders
  • King stalls are the four card-shaped compartments placed a bit lower than card slots
  • A chip pot is a bowl-like compartment in the center of the stand
  • The card station is the central part of the stand above the chip pot

The dealer flips four cards from the deck and inserts one into each card slot face-up. The remaining cards are placed face-down in the card station.

When you’re all set and familiar with the accessories, you can move on to the game itself.

How to Play Kings in the Corner

This is how you start the first round:

  • Each player places one chip into the chip pot.
  • The player sitting to the dealer’s left goes first (the game proceeds clockwise).
  • First, a player must check whether he does not possess any Kings. If yes, he must immediately place all his King cards into the King stalls on the stand. If he fails to do this, he must pay a penalty of three chips into a chip pot.

A player is allowed to play as many cards as possible on each turn. He can also pass for a penalty of 1 chip (again, you place it into the pot).

These are the conditions for playing a card:

  • A card can be placed on any of the cards in the stand IFitdescends in a sequence by one (e.g., four is placed on five, J is placed on Q, etc.)
  • The cards must alternate colors (e.g., black four can only be placed on red five)
  • When you place cards in the card slots with a holder, insert your cards under the holder so that the first and last cards of the sequence are always visible.

NOTE: Kings are considered high cards (= they go first) and Aces low (= last in a sequence). You can only place Kings in the King stalls to build complete sequences.

  • Besides playing the cards from your hand, you can move the whole piles from card slots onto each other or on the King stall piles. Of course, the bottom card (visible at any time) must fit the new sequence in both color and numeric values.
  • If you move piles and end up with empty slots, you can fill them with any cards from your hand.
  • To end your turn, draw one card from the central draw pile. If you draw a King, you must place it into a King stall right away. You do not draw another card.
  • Now the next player goes, following the same routine and rules.

Kings in the Corners Scoring 

The round ends when one of the players ends up with empty hands. This player becomes the winner of the round

All the opponents pay a penalty of one chip per card left in their hands (into the chip pot). The winner is entitled to all the chips in the pot.

One chip has a value of one point, so if he gets 12 chips, he scores 12 points for the round. 

Write down the score and continue with the next round. Before each new round, redistribute the chips just like at the beginning of the whole game. The role of the dealer rotates clockwise to another player.

Play as many rounds as needed until one of the players collects 100 points. He becomes a total winner of the Kings in the Corners game.

How to Play Kings in the Corner – Video Tutorial 

Kings in the Corner Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the old and new edition of Kings in the Corner?

Kings in the Corner game set was first released in the 1990s, and it has been on the market ever since. Even though you may come across differently-looking versions of this game, rest assured that it’s just an updated artwork on the package. The content remains all the same.

Does the Kings in the Corner game set include chips?

Yes. One of the main advantages of buying the original Kings in the Corner game set is that it already contains everything you need for the game, including 80 plastic playing chips. Nevertheless, you can also play with coins, buttons, or pebbles.

How do you play Kings in the Corner for kids?

Kings in the Corner is a straightforward card game that a whole family can enjoy. Unless your child can count to 10, distinguish colors, and has enough patience to finish all rounds, you can play this game together without any issues.

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