30 Memorial Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you interested in the history and traditions of Memorial Day and want to learn more about it in an informal way? Our Memorial Day trivia is a great place to start! 

The US has a fascinating history, and this includes the many wars the US Military has helped to fight. To delve deeper into America’s past, take on our American history trivia

Memorial Day is a cherished holiday that presents the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, and neighbors while honoring fallen soldiers. 

But how much do you really know about what makes this day so special and unique?

Let’s take a look into past and present Memorial Day traditions, the people who played a part in making it what it is today, and the significant dates surrounding this day of national observance.

Let’s go.

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General Memorial Day Trivia Questions 

General Memorial Day Trivia

Memorial Day has been observed annually for more than one-hundred-and-fifty-years and so it’s no surprise that during that time many traditions have formed. 

From the laying of the wreath, parades, speeches, and formal gatherings, to getting together with friends, having BBQs, and serving up patriotic-themed desserts. 

In this first round, you will find an interesting mix of questions about Memorial Day, some of which may inspire you to research further to expand your knowledge.

You will also find a few geographical questions here, if this interests you, check out our US Geography trivia page.


1. What was Memorial Day originally known as?
Decoration Day.
2. Who was credited with coming up with the idea of Memorial Day in 2022 by the National Cemetery Administration?
Mary Ann Williams.
3. In what year was Memorial Day declared a federal holiday?
4. Which village in New York was declared to be the birthplace of Memorial Day in 1966?
5. How many service branches are there within the US military?
6. Arlington Cemetery played host to the first-ever official Memorial Day. In which state is the cemetery located?
7. Which branch of the US military was established in 1775?
The Army.
8. Indianapolis 500 generally takes place during Memorial Day weekend. Following WWI, the race changed its name in 1919 to what?
Liberty Sweepstakes.
9. Which amendment made Memorial Day an official federal holiday?
The Uniform Monday Holiday Act.
10. In Which Ohio city did the tradition of having a Memorial Day Parade begin?

Easy Memorial Day Trivia Questions 

Easy Memorial Day Trivia

Memorial Day celebrations are inclusive of all ages, so it’s only right that we include a few easier questions that both children and those wanting to learn more about the day can answer.

This round focuses on a few of the more well-known traditions such as songs, flowers, and flag positions. 

If you are wanting to make quizzing more interactive for the younger people in your home, you may find our schooling based topics such as 3rd grade and 4th grade trivia pages useful. 

Let’s make a start on round two!

1. Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday of which month?
2. What flower is typically worn on Memorial Day in remembrance of the fallen soldiers?
A red poppy.
3. At what time on Memorial Day do Americans take part in the National Moment of Remembrance?
Three o’clock in the afternoon.
4. Many believe Memorial Day to be the unofficial start of which season?
5. What position should the US flag be flown at on Memorial Day from dawn until noon?
Half mast.
6. What position should the US flag be flown at on Memorial Day from noon until dusk?
Full mast.
7. Can you name the poem which inspired the idea of poppy’s being used as a symbol of remembrance?
In Flanders Fields.
8. What is placed upon the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by the President on Memorial Day?
A wreath.
9. The tradition of holding a Memorial Day Concert at the White House was started by which president?
President Bill Clinton.
10. What is the full title of the United States national anthem?
The Star-Spangled Banner.

Difficult Memorial Day Trivia Questions

Difficult Memorial Day Trivia

There is a lot about Memorial Day that many people are unaware of and so this final round is for true patriots and hard-core quizzers! 

Here you will find questions about the history of Memorial Day…or Decoration Day, as well as a glance at a few of America’s Presidents (find our President’s Day trivia here) and their Memorial Day involvements. 

You can also expect to find a few questions about the US Military in general, some of which ask for multiple answers for maximum points.

So, are you ready to take on this tricky challenge?

Let us begin!

1. From 1868 until 1970, what date was Memorial Day always observed?
May 30th.
2. Who originally proclaimed Decoration Day (now known as Memorial Day) as a holiday?
Commander in Chief John A. Logan.
3. Can you name all six service branches within the US military?
The Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy, Space Force, and Air Force.
4. What is the name of the fraternal organization to which John A. Logan was Commander in Chief from 1868 until 1871?
The Grand Army of the Republic.
5. How many US Presidents have served in the US Armed Forces?
6. Approximately how many Civil War soldiers are buried in Arlington Cemetery?
Twenty thousand soldiers.
7. Who wrote the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’?
John McCrae.
8. President Ulysses S. Grant laid the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the first Memorial Day. What number President was he?
9. In Hawaii, what flower is used in Memorial Day ceremonies?
The Lei.
10. Who hosted the 2022 National Memorial Day Concert?
Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise.

More Memorial Day Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

Did you reign victorious or do you need to top up on your facts for your next Memorial Day celebrations? Either way, we hope you found this Memorial Day trivia fun and informative. For more gripping trivia questions, check out some of these suggestions.

We hope you have a memorable Memorial Day no matter how you wish to observe it. 

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