If You Had To (Game Rules)

If You Had To is a hilarious card game with an original concept and unpredictable gameplay that depends on your improvisational skills. Read these If You Had To game rules and try it with your friends. 

If You Had To is a popular party game that can help you build the right atmosphere at any laidback event or gathering (see more excellent game night ideas). 

It belongs to the same family of games as Drunk Stoned or StupidWho Can Do It, and You Laugh You Drink, sharing not only the same producer (DSS Games) but also the simplicity, fast pace, and sense of humor.

Since the topics in this game are primarily of adult nature (sex, violence, etc.) If You Had To is not suitable for young kids. Otherwise, it is great for anyone, regardless of their previous experiences or gaming skills. 

This If You Had To game rules guide will cover the following: 

  • What is If You Had To?
  • What you’ll need to play If You Had To 
  • If You Had To rules
  • How to play If You Had To (video tutorial)
  • FAQs
  • Other similar games to If You Had To (our guides)

Everything you need to know about how to play If You Had To is below.

What is If You Had To?

If You Had To Card Game Info Image

If You Had To is, technically speaking, a card game. Nevertheless, cards are not ‘played’ like in classic card games. Instead, they describe a possible scenario (usually something pretty ridiculous) that you’ll try to ‘sell’ to the judge.

Unlike many other games, If You Had To does not rely on rigid scoring schemes. Everything depends on the individual argumentation skills of the players and the judge’s subjective opinion. 

Number of Players: 3+

Ages: 17+

Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Play: 15 – 60 minutes

Category: Party card game

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Main Objective: Earn 5 points by convincing arguments faster than your opponents. 

Why We Love It: This game comes with the craziest scenarios, leading to lots of fun and mind-boggling moments. 

What You’ll Need to Play If You Had To 

This game can be played only with the dedicated card set. 

A standard If You Had To package includes:

  • 250 Cards with crazy scenarios
  • 1 Set of instructions
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If You Had To Game Rules and Gameplay

If You Had To game rules are very simple and straightforward. This game is not about any sophisticated tactics. Instead, you try to win using your wits and argumentation skills.

Starting the Game

First, gather at least three players willing to participate in this silly game. Then:

  • Shuffle all the cards in the deck thoroughly and deal 5 of them to each player. 
  • Place the pile of remaining cards aside.
  • Pick the player who will be the judge first. According to the official rules, it should be the most attractive player (you can start arguing with your opponents already 🙂 )

Each player chooses the card they think presents the worst scenario (either objectively or based on their knowledge of the judge’s preferences and fears)and places it face-down in front of the judge. 

How to Play If You Had To Game

The judge reveals the selected cards one by one, and the players start persuading him that their scenario is genuinely the worst on offer. Everything is allowed; use your fantasy and creativity. 

The cards present all sorts of different scenarios, including: 

  • Live webcams are on you 24/7
  • Sleep in a bucket
  • Never leave your house again
  • Start a polygamous family with the last three people you texted
  • Have Paris Hilton narrated your life
  • Share a studio apartment with a horny moose
  • Elderly people seek you out to die in front of you

and many more absurd ideas…

Whether you succeed depends on your verbal skills and the ability to disgust or frighten the judge with your imaginative description of the proposed scenario.

The judge may ask additional questions, allowing the player to change his mind.

The judge decides on the worst scenario based on his personal perception.

If You Had To Game Scoring 

When the judge picks the worst scenario, the owner of the selected card receives 1 point. The game ends when some of the players collect 5 points. This player becomes the winner.

If You Had To Frequently Asked Questions

Can you expand If You Had To game?

No official expansion pack for If You Had To was released yet. Theoretically, you can expand the game with your own scenarios, but it won’t be easy to mix them seamlessly with the existing cards. I suggest adding at least 30 to 50 new cards to make it impossible to predict the exact scenario by the back of the card.

Can teenagers play If You Had To game?

Since the If You Had To game deals with adult topics and uses adult language, it is not recommended for kids younger than 17. Some conservative adults can find the game offensive too.

Is If You Had To game boring?

Games like If You Had To, based on verbal humor rather than action or strategies, might not suit everyone equally. Some players find the scenarios hilarious; others think they are too profane. Experienced players can also compare the game to similar titles and find some of them better. 

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